meet the new addition to our family

don't worry, it's not a child. as if. trust me, you do not want to see a child gestated in an architecture student's body.

meet...james brown.
[ignore the moving boxes and general state of disarray.
and crappy iphone pic.
please and thank you.]

yeah, klippan was with us at our wedding and has seen us through most of the first two years of our marriage. he's somewhat comfy, was a decent deal, and has kept the bear company many a lonely night while i was slaving away in studio.
however, he only seats two upright adults comfortably and was aging pretty quickly--wrinkles, fraying and unmanageable moustache/ear hair/chest hair/back hair/nose hair, liver spots on his skin that would fade after some treatment but come back, and other typical signs of aging. so we, well, we abandoned him at the old place when we moved. wait. before crying, "senior abuse," listen. our old landlord promised he'd find a good home for him. after all, the aging is only skin deep. some new skin, and he'll pull a benjamin button right before your very eyes. we just didn't have room for him with the new addition--the new place is definitely not big enough for the both of them.

while searching for a new place, we also kept coming across this same, two-tone bargain sofa. i totally was not attracted to it. at all. but the bear had a great point. we would not be able to find upholstery that seated this many for this cheap. PLUS it included an ottoman. many showrooms were hawking this two-toned guy, but the one that caught our eye (because it was about 20% cheaper than the next lowest price) was calling him "james brown."

i really resisted at first because he was so not physically attractive to me, but i gotta admit that when cuddling at night with james brown, i feel good, and i knew that i would. when i think about the number of people we can seat and the entertaining we can do with james' help, i feel nice, like sugar and spice. i feel good! so good! i feel good!

i was really very anti the two-tone, two-textured...and UGH so dark and so brown and not really our style! but the bear had good points. this is not our forever sofa (don't tell james that). we will not feel too horrible if it gets a little banged up in future moves, since we are nowhere near settling permanently into a place. it had an oh-so-comfy chaise and ottoman (i even got the bear to pronounce chaise with the correct french pronunciation). well, i guess sometimes this is a man's world, after all. or you've at least got to let them think so. ;)

"so what does james think, and how does he like his new home?" you ask? well, considering he survived the perilous pacific on a boat, he just says he's happy to be here safely and livin' in america!

not too long after we bought the sofa (and had already started cracking numerous jokes borrowing from his lyrics), we found this gem on youtube:

oh, and since i forgot to tell you all about unique los angeles before i went last time, here's a heads up for something happening in the same place this coming weekend--renegade craft fair. even better, admission is FREE! i...won't be going as i've had other things planned for this weekend. but i'm letting you know! so go! enjoy crafty goodness for me!


  1. I feel good!

    About your newest acquisition.

  2. My god, that was a great post.

  3. Our klippan made Jim's apt. before we got married a bit more like home. However, it quickly got ditched to the office when we got married and that is where it lives today.

    James Brown looks comfy - that's a huge plus in my book when it comes to sofas.


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