unique los angeles

yay for crafty, designy, creative folk!
yay for local folk!
yay for an event that bring a bunch together so i can buy from them direct instead of off the internets and with stuff on sale/samples available!

whew, that was tiring.

summary of thoughts:
really, it was cool. maybe a little too LA in some ways, but i love LA. i mean, i've been to craft fairs while traveling in other parts of the US or smallish ones in the 'burbs. none of those had a good DJ who spun biggie, tupac, and some less gangsta stuff for the non-rappy in the crowd. none had real meal food, and the food+drink was definitely not by tiara cafe, malo, or intelligentsia. and none had so much pink--like pink velvet ropes and pink parking validation stamps. and none had the sheer amount of vendors, selection, and quality. but then again these have evolved quite a bit since i last went to one ages ago.

tiara cafe


pretty pincushions at the malo table


yeah, i said pink velvet ropes.

stuff i bought:

lots of stuff from justJENN's booth (all photos are from her site or blog).

a couple of these.
one for a birthday boy i was seeing later that night.
not available on her site yet.

for red,
because she likes making these types of lists and posting them
near her desk.

cute cupcake tags.

from another booth, i bought this card, but i wanted to buy all of them. all of them. so random. so cute. so loving of the internets [sic]. so me.

if you like potatoes, bears that eat meatballs and sushi (hm, i think i live with one of those), cheese, ramen, wine, dive bars, internet research, pessimistic but cute+random creatures that have unibrows, and/or color on the front of/inside/and on the back of your cards, you should check them out. i really liked the cheese one, too.

cute packaging.

five dolla t-shirt! so soft, so stretchy, so comfy, so bargain (it was a sample). normal price isn't as potato-friendly. but really, their shirts are really soft, comfy, and have cute graphics.

other random photos. because i'm random, and this is my blog:

they used this wallcovering that i tried to sell many a client on
on the columns of the lobby of the california market center.
it's yarn, photographed, blown up. fuzzy wuzzy up close.

old LA in foreground.
new LA [live] in background.

yup, nice views from the 13th floor.
this building has a 13th floor. hnh.

cute meat!

nice succulents.

old books + scrap paper
made into new journals.

i like this non-heathered
cool, medium gray.
i need a zip-up hoodie.
didn't buy it, though.
not really a fan of riots.

kidneys! "when urine love."
get it? ha!

cute organ plushies.

cute charm necklaces
from a cute but slightly too girly/vintagey store
for my taste.

liked these posters.

so would do the large eggs and large toast posters in my kitchen.
if our walls weren't made of lead or something else
that won't allow us to hang anything.

ha! too late.
too bad so sad.

i wanted the t-shirt in the background.
yes, it has poo on it.
the fat rabbit farm shirts were cute, too.

artist's tape in fun colors.
you can buy some from me
if you visit me at my "campus" job.
i go through a couple rolls a semester.
yikes. lots of tape.

whew. tired. lots of walking. too many booths. lots of cute kids stuff, eco-friendly stuff, and jewelry.


  1. Wah wah wah I wanted to go too :( So much cool stuff.

  2. It's like Etsy exploded into a huge room. Those cards with the potatoes and cheese remind me of the random/cheesy/hilarious stationary from Korea I used to collect--except with better grammar.

  3. So much cute stuff! My wallet would have been drained.

  4. Wow! What a cool event! I'm sad that I didn't know about this. I would have spent entirely too much money there. Thanks for all the links. :)

  5. I'm very drawn to the stuffed meat and organs.

  6. I'm so sad I didn't know about this event :( I totally would have been there! I love crafts!!!! I just signed up for updates, so hopefully next time. Thanks for posting pics and linking to your favorite things!!!

  7. so, so, so much cute stuff! please let me know next time, because i'm going to invite myself to tag along.

  8. Nice to see you!

  9. Poo shirts? Organ plushes? Meet pillows? I am so perplexed.

  10. I'm so sad I didn't know about this. I totally want to go next year!!


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