iphone found items

while cleaning up my iphone photo gallery, i found some items that may be of interest. to me, that is. they're most likely not of any interest whatsoever to you. oh well. my blog. muhahaha.

from the studio life:

red really loves her label maker.
she also loves he who sits in maria's seat, obviously.
no, we don't know who maria is, either.
no, they don't give us chairs in studio.
we have to bring, pilfer, or scavenge our own.

someone else loved red enough to leave her this lovely gift.
we were too grossed out to sweep them into the trash
but not too grossed out to keep tripping over them
and kicking them back and forth
in the little shared walkway between our desks.

walking by the first year undergrad's studios,
after everyone had moved on out of the studios,
i saw this lone, redlined drawing still posted.
bad dino! bad! stop biting! staaaaay...good dino.
that's how i read it.
then i realized what it really meant.
i know my line weights well,
but i'm not quite sure how i'd draw a dino skeleton in plan.
probably an abstract, blobby outline--the way i do my people.
bad dino! is still way funnier.
especially when picturing a super serious studio critic
exlcaiming it.

people must get really bored while in line.
yes, that is a mini manikin,
mini canvas,
and mini easel.
oh, and a mini moleskine planner in the background
for a not-so-mini price.
why are moleskines so expensive, anyway?

the bored people can get abusive, too.
poor manikins.

large macarons at europane.

accidental but pretty blur of rainbow colors.


  1. <3 all of this.

    Oh, and...

    Payard > Bouchon > Bottega Louie

    (when it comes to macarons)

  2. Ah, the life of a student. I want a macaron now. Why are you doing this to me?

  3. Yay rainbow colors!

    That was a random comment.


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