train to nowhere

these were taken for another photo assignment. the class is over now, but whatever, let me play catch up, will ya?

this assignment was to find an interesting place and "work it" as if telling a story or with a photojournalistic approach.

oh, and none of the photos are photoooooCHOPPED because that's just how we rolled for this class. the rest of the photos here.


  1. But I *know* those other people did a lot of post-processing! I just know it!


    Bolt through the head. Tee hee hee.

  2. You have a very artistic eye! Well duh, I expect you to. I like them a lot. We should go out shooting together some time while you're still on break. Maybe after we finish unpacking?

  3. I love the blue and red shots - they're so you!


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