go shorty, it's your birthday

yup, we were up in da club for baby cee's first birthday. ok fine, so it was at a lounge. close enough. and yeah, wan already blogged this in a much more timely manner.

as we stepped in, the first thing we noticed was the cute decor that had just enough whimsy so it was still very tasteful.

(i might have contributed the chesire cat cut-out.)

(mad hatter's hair was...challenging...to cut out of foam core)

a very late rabbit in front of a cute display of lots of baby cee photos.

i was disappointed how small i had to make the cut-outs in the end, but at least they were about the the right height for the young 'uns there.

and finally, a wall of patron.

the bear and i were a little early, so we watched/helped winnie set up the photobooth.

this was the original setup, in some nice open shade.
too bad it was SO windy that day--windy enough to pick up and rip the backdrop.

so we moved it in here.
i promise the photos actually taken in the photobooth are probably much better.

it was a nice party. a good mix of adults and kids, chinese food for lunch, cupcakes and madeleines for dessert, laid back, and with good company.

kids lounged and played.

some drank.

i ate pocky.

people posed.

birthday girl had her cake and ate it too.

some (wan's bean) lolled about on the ground while using an iphone.

some (the bear) sat about while using an iphone.

happy birthday, baby cee!
and congrats to lilcee and mr. cee for making it through the first year. ;)


  1. What a cute party! You did an awesome job on the cutouts. You're so talented. My daughter enjoyed looking at the photos with me. =)

  2. i, like the monkey, am sad to have missed this as well. Great job on the cut outs! Really added to the decor.

  3. You did a fabulous job on the cutouts! Love the theme and decor - whimsy and cute. I'm bummed I had to miss it. :(

  4. i should've hit you up to do a cutout for this weekend's WWE ;)

    i like your title and pictures MUCH better than mine.

  5. we loved the cut outs and everyone was impressed by them. They kept asking me where I got them from. I said my v. talented friend of course. Couldn't have done it w/o them. Thank u, thank u, thank u again for doing them. You have no idea how much you helped me out on that.

    They're now in Lei's room as part of her decor. hee!

  6. I love your captions. The cutouts were so cute. Thanks again for helping me set up the photobooth!


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