last night...

...i found out i'm not as scared of toddlers anymore. i actually had fun playing with a tow-headed, energetic, car- and book-loving one last night. it also helped that we only had an hour to play before his bedtime.

...lakers won!

...i found out i don't mind cats as much if i've taken a [generic] zyrtec ahead of time. i even let one claw then sit in my lap for a bit. in a knit dress, no less.

...stupid LA people lit stuff on fire, etc. as usual.

...i made chocolate guinness cupcakes with cream cheese glaze. yum. really light and moist cake with a lighter-feeling take on cream cheese frosting.

...i made a delicious salad but didn't take pictures and winged the recipe. mixed baby greens, steamed asparagus, tomatoes, grilled yellow nectarines, red onions, feta, ginger + thyme vinaigrette (with fresh thyme from my new plant!). except i forgot the feta at home. oops. maybe i'll try again/test it and write a recipe.

and now i have keyshia cole/p. diddy stuck in my head.

yep, just for you. so you can "enjoy" the music in my head, too.


  1. chocolate guinness cupcakes?! yum!

  2. We are growing further apart, my friend.

    I Still Hate Toddlers and Cats

  3. pshaw. both you and the monkey are great with the bean.

  4. I like that song. I'm grooving to it right now at my desk - thanks for the link! lol

  5. It's funny, toddlers have never scared me. Babies are still the ones that freak me out. I just feel like I'm going to accidently break them. :(

    The salad sounds delightful!

  6. I don't know why new moms erroneously trust me to hold their new babies. Don't they sense that I really don't want to hold them? WHAT IF THEY BREAK??? Hmmm?

    I agree with you though that toddlers are ok. As long as they have good behavior, of course.


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