iphone dump

yep, it's that time again! but this time, it's been over a year since my last iphone dump. here's the past year according to my iphone.

about half the adhesives i have at school.

(sorry, vegetarians! while i'm not a huge meat-eater and love me a garden or black bean burger once in awhile, i'm not a fan of meat substitutes when there really is no subsitute.)

you might want to return that ill-fitting hat.

yep, that he does.
(spotted while shopping for a 1 year old's birthday. i'm a nerd that always gives books.)

when it was our studio's turn to throw the weekly happy hour.
yes, you see PBR, tecate, mgd, miller lite, and even steel reserve.
we're klassy, obvs.

JC trapped by the adorable puppy.

jason mraz at the hollywood bowl.
the bear and i enjoyed the garden box very much.
probably mostly because of the chairs and food we brought.

ziggy the best labradoodle.

love the shadow on the juror's shirt.

my mexican wrestler banana.

an oh-nay-zee (onesie for the rest of you) that the bear and i "designed" for our angels fans parents-to-be friends.
please ignore the off-centeredness.

even dear old blue the long-haired dachsund found structures class to be boring.

thanksgiving pie shuffle at school.
school bought 500+ pies for every student, faculty, and staff member.
you could keep your pie or donate it to charity.

more pie shuffle pie.

building a bridge out of spaghetti.
yes, there are some limp noodles on the ground as well.
since we're mature grad students, we flung said wet noodles at each other while building the bridge.

part of my scaled figure army.

the night the bear and i found out that china is the world's largest beer producer. because budweiser has breweries there. don't worry. we didn't drink budweiser at father's office.
i wanted to try the "unibroue terrible" just for its name, but they were out.

two snuffly bulldogs at a friend's birthday bbq.

just chillin' in a hallway at school.
this is pair of random panties in a public place #2 i have encountered.

saw some of neutra's amazing drawings and forward-thinking work at the central library.

drank quite a few of urth caffe's green tea lattes.
although most were out of paper cups back at my desk.

this asian "tour group" was taking pictures of us WHILE we were in a crit. HUH?
we were puzzled. and felt like zoo animals.

so i took a picture of a guy taking a picture of us.

a city of the future, powered by potatoes.

library carrels transformed for the exhibit that the above potato stuff was in.
yep, life-size cut-outs of each of the architects' whose work was featured.

beautiful arrangement of california poppies my stepdad's boss brought him.
who woulda thunk those bendy, scraggly things often seen from the freeway could be so pretty?

one of the bear's work vendors gave him a $20 visa gift card.
so of course we went on a shopping spree at harbor freight.
no, we didnt' buy the huge wrench although i was tempted to buy it as wall decor.
we did, however, score two bagfuls of stuff with just $20.
the loot included 500 pairs of earplugs, a level, calipers, a telescoping magnet, and i can't even remember what else.

a lovely spot of tea (and ranunculus. and water. and maybe a warm goat cheese salad. oh and maybe a bacon and maple biscuit.) at huckleberry.


  1. Fun! I like your iphone dumps.

    You forgot to say what you did with YOUR pie.

  2. i intended my pie to come to thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house with me. instead, i forgot it in our fridge. oops.

    as a school, though, we donated hundreds of pies (and some food) to the midnight mission. yay!

  3. You had an eventful year! I love these types of posts/

  4. A Dodger oh-nay-zee and so many cute doggies. Doesn't get better than that.

  5. It's good to know you're not stuck at school 365 days a year :)

  6. i can't stop giggling at the ginormous wrench.

    i dig the iPhone dumps! i should try this sometime.

  7. What a fun post! You've inspired me to do a "dump" of pics on my phone! ps, the green tea latte has me drooling, yum!

  8. Love the pups! Love the JP tourists!

  9. I love iphone photo dump time! Some much good stuff in this post. <3


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