i love LA

so much so that i went on a walking tour of downtown for my urban planning class this rainy morning. well, plus attendance was mandatory. it was nice to walk around downtown, rather than driving, feel it at that scale, and directly see the consequences of certain urban planning movements while talking about it. our instructor knows his stuff, regarding both urbanism and los angeles, so it was a good walk/talk.

i took the dusty dSLR along for a few shots.

did you know this is downtown? me neither. once upon a time, the lights glowed, the ladybug pod things played music, and a laser shot out of the top of it. the lights/sound broke shortly after its installation in the 70s, and the FAA nixed the laser right away.

the seam.
i know the reason for the gap, but it still bugs.

the original grove. el pueblo/olvera street ain't that authentic. buildings were relocated to create a dense, central area to attract people to the area during the great depression. yet another constructed/fabricated/contrived los angeles attraction.

our itinerary:
union station
el pueblo de los angeles/olvera street/avila adobe
metro mall
city hall
angel's flight
the music center
disney concert hall
cal plaza
grand central market
the bradbury building

yay for doing something i've always wanted to do but never have. yay for schooling that lets me/makes me do these things i want to do.

back to the drawing board (er computer, er mouse/keyboard?)


  1. what pretty pictures!

    like the monkey, i miss you lots too.

  2. Always thrilled to see your posts - means that you're still around. :) What a fun day - even if it was rainy and gross.

  3. Miss you too tater head.

    Did you have a pastrami sandwich??

  4. Nice! I love your architecture posts... :) I've been wanting to go the Bradbury building for the longest time...

  5. I miss you, too! What is the reason for the gap at the Disney Concert Hall? Is it for the metal to expand during summertime?

  6. nope, the gap has to do with making all those nice curved surfaces. basically, the metal isn't water tight...there's a whole 'nother wall behind that wall that is the actual waterproof wall, so this outer skin/facade was engineered to be allowed to have gaps so that the individual sheets would fit together. /nerdy rant.

  7. I know you deleted the post you had after this, but I wanted to say when I was in my final years I'd stay away from studio. Anti-social I know, but I got the bulk of my projects done at home where I was more focused.

  8. Potato. This is lovely. Hi!!!


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