photo fun

up to this point, i've deliberately not posted school stuff here, but freckles and i had too much fun using gramps' macro lens on my d60 body today while taking photos for a stop-motion animation we're doing using this funky model we fabricated during the first half of the semester. and some of the images are rather pretty (thanks to the lens, not the photographer) and a good reflection of the gorgeous day it was today. so i thought i'd share.

what does the whole thing look like without the magic of the macro lens?

yeah, not quite as exciting. this is making me hungry for lenses now. not good.

oh, and don't ask me what this has to do with architecture. you really don't wanna hear a diatribe from me mostly in jargon.

so how am i doing after my deleting of a total debbie downer post that had already disseminated via RSS feeders? better.


sleepy, but naps are my friend and keep me going.

dazed & confused, especially when my studio instructor is talking to me, but happy faces to make me smile can be found in the most unexpected, unnoticed places.

[special thanks to kydrich and her quickness on the iphone camera for capturing me from across the way at the most opportune moments.]


  1. the model is incredible!! hope you are doing well, despite the crazy school sched! miss you <3

  2. Pretty!

    {{hugs}} I hope you can hang in there til the end of the semester. :(

  3. dude, those are beautiful shots.

    miss you! hang in there :)

  4. I'm pretending those are french fries.

  5. What lens? Is it $$$$? Me wants.

  6. I have no idea what the model is, but the macro lens is pretty dang awesome. Now I want one. Hang in there . . . semester is almost over.


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