new year, looking back

i don't have a great new year's post with reflections on 2009 or bright eyes and a bushy tail for 2010 (yet), so you'll have to settle for these in the meantime.

remember these?

1st grade

so serious in osh kosh b'gosh and pigtails.

2nd grade

uneven eyes, uneven bangs.

3rd grade

uneven teeth.

4th grade

snobby potato.

5th grade

finally put my foot down regarding perms.
too bad it turns out my natural hair has texture.

6th grade


7th grade

drunk? sleepy?
still awkward.

8th grade is lost somewhere. probably in the keroppi picture wallet i threw out last time we moved. kindergarten is probably in one of my mom's old wallets.

oh, and so weird, but i just noticed that until 3rd grade, the photos are mirror images--the way i see myself in the mirror. 4th grade and on are how you all see me IRL. i can tell because my smaller eye moves from one side to the other.

no, i'm not that much of a narcissist. i just happened to clean out the last few boxes of stuff i have at my mom's house over the break and came across these. the bear enjoyed looking at them, so i figured you would, too. plus i don't know what's wrong with me, but i don't have much to say these days.


  1. 4th grade is my favorite. The perm, the attitude, the matching hair bow...this picture KILLS me.

  2. 4th grade. best. shot. ever.

  3. omg omg omg I love snobby potato.

  4. So cute! Did you (or your mom) love floral print or what?

  5. @winnie--MOM did. and private, baptist school required we wear skirts every. day. which is why for years and years i resisted floral anything and skirts. too bad for me that florals are back.

  6. Omg, so cute! Love this post.

  7. Love the looking back photo montage ;)

  8. Posts like this are what I missed most about not being an attentive blog reader. <3 <3 <3


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