christmas photos

i know, this blog is sorely lacking photos. so here you go!

koreans love their calendars. i've already received two as "gifts."

for lunch, my mom made us a korean feast.



purple rice, yook gye jang (flank steak/bean sprout/root soup/stew), full moon seasonal ale

and bosintang for virility!

just kidding. but there was a crazy, living dog present.

oh, and as promised, the blair waldorf outfit. potatobro is apparently too busy entertaining his girlfriend, who is in town, to upload photos. i have not been able to get any better photos from him and his new D3000. both of us need faster lenses anyway. santa didn't listen this year. or we weren't well-behaved enough. oh well.

see bear and me all dressed up? if you think i look squishy and old in this photo, you should see the one that's taken with flash and clearer. outfit was cute. me in this pic...not so much.

that's it for now. maybe more photos to come soon as we plan on doing some cooking, baking, and entertaining this coming week...whee!


  1. The Korean feast looks delicious and you look adorable all Waldorf'd out.

  2. My mom only makes the purple bean rice now. And it seems like every Korean home I go to only serves the same rice. Was there some major headline in the Korea Times or something? Because you know if it's printed in the hanguk newspaper, it must be absolute truth.

    And you look so so pretty in your holiday outfit. Me loves.

  3. @venn--i'm sure there was something like that as it's all my mom ever serves now, too. luckily, her talking and chiming rice cooker makes adding grains/beans/whatever to your rice and timing it all right easy.

  4. Cute outfit!

    So true about the calendars. LMAO.

  5. I love colored tights! So cute!

  6. Hmmmm kalbi. Yummmm. Very cute outfit! I like it. And you and the bear both look cute in the blurry picture.

  7. you look so cute! veniero's. i know.

  8. you are super cute, and you know it. well, at least we do ;)


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