blah. but i'm squishy. and at my max. weight again. and my pants don't fit. wah wah wah.

meet my nike+ avatar. she's cute.

she also has no eyes. like me!

so today i ran. well actually, i mostly walked. you know how some people complain about how they're REALLY slow, not runners, etc? then they go and run 1.5 miles at an average 11-minute mile the FIRST day they try. or they run like 4 or 5 miles the first day. well, i'm really not a runner. like REALLY.

even she says so.

"i've turned into a couch potato! i need to run!"

i ran/walked a 15-minute mile for 2.31 miles in something pathetic like 32 minutes today. see? i'm really not a runner. after a 2-minute brisk walking warmup, i could only run for about 5 minutes before my chest felt like it was on fire and going to burst. out. of. shape.

i really want to use the nike+ coach programs to keep me motivated, but once school starts (in less than a week!!!), all bets are off.


  1. I'm not a runner either. And I don't have a cool eyeless avatar either.

  2. GASP! Cute avatar! I want, I want!

  3. Eeeeeee the avatar is so cute! But do I have to run to get one of these?

  4. That avatar is adorable.

    The word verification for this comment is "fecomagi." Sounds like a stinky smartass.

  5. LMAO re: 15 min mile- I feel ya on that for sure. Cause I've been there my friend.

    :::join us on SPARK!:::::

    I love your avatar. I want one like... right now.

    hugs friend!

  6. Your avatar is so cute!! If it makes you feel better, I've turned 18 shades of red in gym class this week. Getting back into it is no fun.

  7. i am also at my max weight, but somehow, my pants still fit. but i'm very squishy.

    unlike you, though, i'm stubbornly sticking my head in the sand and doing absolutely nothing about it.

  8. @everyone-i think you can make a nikeplus account even if you don't have a nikeplus. i *THINK*. then you can all make cute avatars! too bad all the clothing is running-related.

  9. hahhaha. thanks for the shoutout even if it was hatin' on me. the avatar is so cute. nike+ sounds cool but i don't have an ipod touch so i don't think i can do it?


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