[kind of] current inspiration

stuff that inspired me over the past few months.

_M&A gallery's work.
_not a cornfield.
_bompas & parr's whimsical, interdisciplinary, very english approach to design. alcoholic architecture, anyone?
_the feltron report. this guy transforms stats of his life for the past year into a cool infographical annual report.
_jean-pierre hebert's scripted drawings. while i'm not a huge fan of scripting to produce architecture or art, these works are beautiful, delicate, and have exquisite linework (even if computer-produced).

[image from: TRYHARDER]

sorry, too lazy to post more images.


  1. Those were some weird links :)

  2. I fully admit, I'm not gonna click on the links, but I'm glad they are inspiring you. :)


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