i'd rather be...

...swimming in le havre, france.

[all images from jean nouvel's website.]

on a completely unrelated note, the holidays went by fine--i survived the ones involving my own family, and the ones involving the bear's family and friends were a lot of fun. we ate a ton of good food, i had a mild case of food poisoning that went away in less than a day, and the bear prevented me from embarrassing myself in public by ordering my current favorite diet coke/red wine combo.

just one more family thing to survive on new year's day, and then i can hide out in our house until winter break is over.

oh, and i totally channeled blair waldorf for a fancier function we had to attend (conservative, well-fitted black dress, berry-colored opaque tights, a bejeweled headband, red lips), but i don't look so cute in the photos on my camera--kinda squishy or something. if my brother got any good ones, i'll have to post.

hope everyone had happy holidays.

and happy new year!


  1. Oh, I bet you looked adorable in that holiday outfit! I want to see pics!

  2. Your outfit sounds super cute! Glad you had a good holiday, and happy new year to you too Tater!

  3. I'd rather be lounging by the pool, too.

  4. happy belated christmas and new year's :)


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