a couple holidays behind

remember the welcome pauses i mentioned way back when? as promised, here's the pumpkin-carving party i went to.

red + soxfan first sketched.

others [gramps] just dug right in.

heads down, carve away.

kydrich and me working on ours--we named it "fatty batty."
although he didn't turn out quite as cutely plump as we hoped.

fatty batty again.

red and her single, snaggle-toothed creation.

cannibalistic pumpkin.

gramps and his really ugly pumpkin.

we were on the eastside,
so some killer pumpkins got their appropriate teardrop tats.

thug life.

even scarier when lit.

nightmare before christmas-like.

half of us.

the other half of us.

pumpkin heads!

the end.


  1. Love the pumpkin heads shot. Too bad somebody didn't understand the pumpkin-in-front-of-the-face plan.

  2. Love the post. Love Weezermonkey's comment even more.

  3. that last picture is so awesome.


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