good riddance

good riddance, crappy semester. that's all i have to say about that. however, i'm still recovering and probably will be for a very, very long time. let's just say that my mental and emotional health was on the decline starting even before this semester, and this semester rapidly accelerated the decline. no worries, i'm not *too* much crazier than usual since normal for me isn't all that normal anyway, but it's been a tough time. and no worries, this isn't nearly as dramatic as it sounds--just a typical down-feeling cycle in the course of a tater life, i guess. luckily, i do have a good support system, most of all the bear, and i sincerely believe in the end all will be well.

the perfect way to re-debut into the blogging world, right? ;). if you aren't already gone from my lack of updates, i'm sure this will drive you away. heh.

so obviously, i haven't been able to christmas shop or get in the holiday spirit at all, considering my studio final was on thursday. since, i've caught up completely on gossip girl, slept a lot, ate a lot of frozen food because i couldn't bear to leave the house, and thought about cleaning up before the bear returns from his week in mammoth.

so instead, here's my completely selfish wish list--you won't find "world peace" on this list, although some of the current wars ending would be nice, too. i usually hate doing wish lists as i feel so greedy. however, since i most likely won't get any of this this year, i'm just putting it out there and getting it off my chest. mostly so i can look back years later and laugh at myself and the silly things i so wanted at the time.

_hoodies. lots of them. a variety of them. it's freakin' freezing at school no matter the season. karmaloop.com has an awesome triple 5 soul peacoat hoodie and some cute (which i don't know if i can pull off since i'm not 12 anymore) paul frank and tokidoki ones.
_another monitor for school. you'd be surprised how much time they save from not having to zoom and pan so much. plus the dual monitor setup rocks for working with lots of toolbars open in adobe CS4, rhino, and maya.
_printer with invisibility cloak. the printers at school are broken, out of toner, or out of paper half the time. plus i have to walk down the hall, upstairs, by the depressing computer labs to get my prints. the invisibility cloak is needed so no one else knows i have a printer and asks to use it.
_keyboard tray. one for home, one for school. my hands have been getting super numb from so much computer usage. not to mention the tennis elbow and shoulder aches after 12+ hours at the machine. tops of tables/desks are high for my short, velociraptor arms, people.
_a dual quad core desktop with a kickass, fast graphics card. i'll be animating this coming semester, and i have a feeling i'll have to run the renders on one of the computer lab machines as none of my machines will do it fast enough.
_a dual quad core laptop. ditto above. plus then i can escape to the library, home, or anywhere somewhere quieter and less distracting than our studio space for this year. let's just say we have no walls and are adjacent to a major "hallway" plus have 28' high ceilings in an all concrete and glass space. that's one major reason why i've been so much less productive in studio this semester.
_wedgewood vera wang blanc sur blanc china. not that i ever entertain or have anywhere to store it, but it's the one i coveted while making our wedding registry and is now discontinued. so of course silly me wants it.
_riding boots. every chick wants these. i want some with a slight wedge heel.
_ skinny jeans that don't give me camel toe, aren't uncomfy due to their skinniness, and don't bunch up around my currently super-saggy secretary's butt. just so i can wear them with above riding boots. i just want to show off the boots is all.
_ankle-high flat boots. when the knee-high riding boots are too much to pull on/off.
_jewelry. there's this bib-ish necklance on jools.us right now that is gold and deep red. so festive and wintry. so much fun statement jewelry out there, too, which might make me feel less dowdy and ugly in my current, threadbare, too casual grad student's wardrobe. classic, fine jewelry pieces would not be refused, either.
_warm, fuzzy slippers. my current paul frank ones are falling apart. like REALLY falling apart.
_books, books, more books. some of which are out-of-print and impossible to find. dang expensive, limited-run architecture books.
_grey leather bag. kind of slouchy, very buttery.
_black leather bag. structured, classic, professional, but not boring. for whenever and if ever i return to the working world.
_a yoga class convenient to school or home and my schedule and my preferences and that doesn't cost too much. i really miss the donation-based class with the hilarious instructor i used to attend on the westside. the exercise and meditation are sorely needed especially during the school year.
_really good, BIG headphones. like the wireless sennheisers two of my canadian studiomates have. or the beats by dr. dre. ones my other baller studiomates have. too bad both take batteries. see above somewhere regarding my distracting, loud current studio space.
_chef's tasting menu dinner at providence or the dining room. or wherever yummy.
_a wardrobe overhaul. i feel so unbelievably ugly and dowdy these days. it might have something to do with the fact that i alternated between one pair of overstretched jeans and one pair of black yoga pants every day all semester. but really, those are the only "winter" clothes i have that fit me comfortably.
_a makeup overhaul. i've been wearing the same colors since high school. i just don't use up my stuff fast enough. even when i was working and wearing makeup almost every day, it'd take me years to go through a blush or pot of eyeshadow.
_a lifetime supply of nars' velvet matte lip pencil in cruella. for my own use and also so i can pass it along since it looks awesome on many people.


  1. RAM might be the quick fix for the computers that cam squeak by... and i too like/want/yet-currently-have-no-use-for a slightly slouchy, grey leather bag. although I have entirely too much grey in my "wardrobe.". and isn't it like if your favorite color is grey, then you have psycotic issues? heh, this may explain a lot about archinerds... ^_-

  2. Sounds like you had a hell of a semester. Here's hoping that the winter break will bring you much rest and relaxation.

    Now I'm off to check out this NARS lip pencil you speak of.

  3. I must get this nars lip pencil you speak of. In the meantime, glad you're getting some rest.

  4. I have nothing to give you besides world peace. Oh well. :)

  5. Poor thing. :( I hope you're getting to enjoy your break as much as possible.


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