caught up

on top chef, that is. not the rest of life.

the sad thing is it reminds me a lot of school now and stresses me out a bit to watch it. school would make a great reality show, except no one would understand anything we talk about.

oh, and i'm so jennifer, by the way. in so many ways. however, she's probably a lot better at her craft than i am at mine, considering she's an executive chef for eric ripert, and i can't even get an internship.

i'm working on the not freaking out, not doubting myself, and knowing i'll somehow deliver at the real end even if i lose a couple quickfire challenges here and there (due mostly to said self-doubt and freaking out) this semester. really.


  1. You're not Jennifer! Jennifer said her sablefish was trout!

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  3. AND she was super embarrassed about that but not even cognizant of her mispronunciation of "ceviche."

    but i'm a workaholic who is too hard on herself for sure.

  4. I think it's the same reason why Jim can't watch legal dramas - it's too reminiscent of what he does 24/7 so it's a stressful experience, not an escape from reality.

  5. I love Jennifer! Although she's super thin so that means I inherently hate her too. :)

  6. I have no idea who Jennifer is, but don't doubt yourself! You're the most talented potato I know.

  7. I'm clueless on Jennifer too, but wanted to say YOU CAN DEWWWW IT! We have faith in you, so I hope you do too. xoxo

  8. Sometimes I think self-doubt motivates us to be really good.
    Other times it can be destructive... but I choose to see it as a motivator.
    (I'm the same way.)


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