i feel somewhat human again

review for first studio project done. it went fine, considering that most of the review time was spent by our critics engaging in some rather aggro '"discourse" (AKA heated arguing) over what should and shouldn't be taught and how it should be taught to us "newbies." and yes, they referred to us as "they" while we were sitting there with them and presenting to them. it was quite edutaining, however, and gramps and i got a tiny bit of real feedback from the argentinian who pronounces "newbie" as "woogie."

some other select quotes from the review:
"if you're going to use a dumbass wireframe, and that's a technical term..."
"if you realize the night before a review that all of a sudden you have mussoloni's mausoleum, you just need to scrap it and start all over again."
"the real question is, 'how dirty can you get?'"

then we got the amazing news that we pretty much have no studio work for a week!!! a week! this is big. well, we do have to go visit the site for our next project, but we don't have any outside of class time work for the rest of the week. OH! and we are taking a field trip up to san francisco on friday. whee!!!

afteward, some studiomates and i had a giddy dinner of sausages, beer, excited planning for the weekend, and hilarious conversation.

i didn't do my homework for today, but for once, i am not beating myself up over flaking. "they used to call me anal girl in school," (i'd give a prize to the first person to guess where the quote's from, but i don't have any prizes) because i always get my shit done, no matter what. however, they give an amount of work they know is impossible to get done, and something's gotta give somewhere sometimes. most others know the art of working smart and have mastered halfassery when required. i unfortunately am just a workaholic. not today though, not today.


  1. Yay for not being a workaholic! Yay for woogies!

  2. i can't stop laughing at "woogie"!

  3. I'll play even without prize. 500 days of summer. Now you owe me one (unspecified thing of some sort). You woogie :)

  4. 500 days of summer. Gimme a cookie.

  5. I love seeing these fleeting glimpses of a busy tater. I'll be glad when you're on break again and can join up for our general craziness. :)

  6. I hope this means you get some downtime. Very cool that you get to go to SF. Woot! Or shall I say, woogie!


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