mutually heightened experiences

nerd alert.

i am reading for class. i was hungry. i got some yummy munchies to accompany my reading. i now deeply understand how a good wine can not only complement but actually enhance a reading experience.

seriously delicious reading for a class (i sounded the nerd alert already) helped me taste the fruity notes of the wine deep down in my fatty salami. the peppery bite of the salami's crust made me feel even more euphoric than i already was from the heady reading. the contrasting groundedness of the reading's subject matter made the flaxseed crackers taste nuttier, earthier, heartier.

and yeah, i don't feel like posting on facebook tonight as i should with all these random, mini posts. what?

reading: chapter 2 of strange details by michael cadwell.
eating: columbus brand peppered salami on trader joe's brand flaxseed water crackers
. no wine. well, maybe minus the traces left from curing the salami.


  1. I like the mini random posts. Speaking of salami, have you tried the Bon Gusto brand dry salami? OMG! Hands down, my favorite ever. Like, I could sit down and eat it for hours. It's a must try - they sell it at Bristol Farms, Gelson's, etc. Not terribly expensive, but I can only find it at pricey places or true Italian delis.

  2. I like mini random posts, too. At the very least, we know you're still alive.

  3. I love tasty salami now, even though when I was a kid I thought it was some serious PWT shit.

  4. It's always good to hear from you :) Mini posts or not.

  5. Your post made me even hungrier.

  6. Salami is my favorite sliced meat! Glad you got some wine time. You sound like you deserve it.


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