hey big tuna! where's preppy waldo?!?

remember how the bear and i went out to new england last summer for potatobro's college graduation? well, while there, we noticed an unspoken men's uniform often worn by andy bernard of the office fame.

see? our first spotting:

hmm, this guy's pants may not be the correct color.
oh well, close enough.

the basics:
khaki pants. or should we call them chinos?
light blue button-down shirt.

the next step up:
navy blazer. or perhaps sportcoat.

brass buttons.

well-worn baseball cap.
brown dock shoes. brown dress shoes are also acceptable.

now that you know the rules, you can join in the fun! go to my album here, where i have meticulously separated photos containing abovely-attired men from the rest of that trip's photos. all have at least one instance of preppy waldo. some may have more. some are a little tricky due to shade, lighting, and blurriness. good luck.

if you need help, i also have a cheats album here. don't ask how long it took to make that. i don't want to think about it.

this is what happens when you make people sit through all-day graduations. at least the bear and i entertained ourselves all day.

almost all of the photos are courtesy of the bear and his clandestine photo-taking skills.


  1. The only thing that would make it more perfect would be if your potatobro also graduated from Cornell.

  2. hilarious! made me miss my alma mater.

  3. i like the fact that you labeled your mom

  4. I....



    I got nuttin.


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