"...sees how the internet sees you."

there's this stereotype that many architects "wanna-be" graphic designers and especially book designers. i totally fit this stereotype. however, it's for good reason that we're wanna-bes. we all have to graphically design our own work--from boards and presentation books to construction documents and resumes/portfolios. we do learn basic principles, formally, to some extent in school. it's also probably because a lot of what we do is taking massive amounts of information, data, and requirements and producing a tangible building, space, or thing from the analysis of all of that. a lot of the design process is problem-solving and/or problem-defining anyway. i've always had an interest in information design and graphics and considered it as a career path before taking the ones i have, so i still look out for good examples to bookmark. this one was all over some graphic design blogs last week, so i'm late, but i know most of you that read this aren't designerds and thought you might have fun playing with this clean, colorful experiment.

go to the personas [online] installation (it is also on display IRL at MIT). type in your name. see how the internet sees "you." or the many yous, since there may be many others out there named similarly. be sure to watch the screen as data is mined and graphicized. it's fun watching the colors change, the overall graph being built, and say, "beep beep boop boop" out loud while it's doing it. OK, maybe not the last one if you're not as strange as i am.

the final portrait of dapotato [click to enlarge any of these screenshots].
obviously incorrect as i rarely watch movies these days,
and if i do, i'm not really associated with them on the internet.

"characterizing da_potato..."

final da_potato
at least da_potato is more diversely represented on the internet that dapotato?

"characterizing [insert my maiden name here]"
it turns out my maiden name is a commonly used phrase in dutch.
that's what most google searches bring up, anyway.

still beep beep boop boop beep-ing my maiden name.

final for [my maiden name]

final for [my married name].
i guess the married me is way more social.
or other same-nameds are more social than me as there isn't a ton out there on the real me by my married name yet.

yep, the internets [sic] is definitely fallible. but so much fun! especially when in color.

[via swissmiss]


  1. This is so much fun!!! I totally made the "beep beep boop boop" sound out loud. Too fitting.

  2. my name is far too common for this...

  3. my name is just boring work stuff. And my online name is full of other doofuses who can't spell insomniac. lol


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