in the potatobear lair, we have quite the stockpile of white rice. we have both the short grain variety and jasmine, long grain variety. i know it's not the best for you, but it is our staple grain of choice. to switch it up, i got some quinoa with the intention of making a texas caviar-like quinoa salad. luckily, someone else had already come up with a recipe.

summery, delicious, fluffy, proteiny.

oh, and i served it with japa-cana tuna. too bad the tuna was just alright in quality and frozen. the recipe, however, is great. the sweet maple syrup and bite of the wasabi balanced each other well.

i also tried smitten kitchen's almond-vanilla rice pudding, which is made with arborio rice instead of the usual rice. wan, again, inspired me.

honestly, i just really wanted to use up some of this expensive madagascar bourbon pure vanilla bean paste (whew) i bought back when i had real income. plus i had exactly a 1/2 cup of arborio rice left in an old package in the pantry.

unfortunately, i'm not a huge fan of almond extract. i'll use a third of what the recipe calls for next time.

otherwise, it was delicious, rich, and creamy. i'll have to try again soon.


  1. i am green with envy over your super duper fancy vanilla paste!

  2. I love your stainless steel kitchen counter top! It makes for great backdrop for photos (and I'm sure it's functional too, blah blah blah).

  3. yum yum! the dinner looks delish! not a fan of rice pudding (or chuk or oatmeal or anything of that consistency), sadly :( but i'm sure it was delish!

  4. How do you find the time to make these complicated dishes? Looks good! And I agree with Pox, I love those countertops, even though they wouldn't fit into my country bumpkin house. Very modern.

  5. Vanilla paste?! That sounds wonderful. I have their vanilla extract and it's lovely. Yay for cooking all sorts of interesting eats. :)


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