[TMI tuesday?] i have the golden ticket

as does everyone else in this case.

i was getting a little stir-crazy last friday, so i took myself out for lunch. i ended up at pinkberry, as i wanted to try the new passionfruit and coconut flavors. i sampled them individually and swirled, and i preferred the passionfruit solo.* it's really good and summery. yum.

since i scored a meter with plenty of time left on it, i strolled a couple blocks down to check out this mythical willy wonka land i had heard about.

[yes, my horrible point-and-shoot's lens is STILL dirty after a cleaning. whatever.]

as soon as i stepped in...

...like, whoa.

so much awesome stuff! old, new, stuff that outdates me, sweet, savory, low-brow, gourmet, fresh truffles, fresh gelato, super-preserved and artifically-flavored and colored stuff...the list goes on.

i so need to chew this gum if/once we decide to have tots/cubs.

these bins made my jaw and head ache just looking at them.

you already know i like poo.

even if i've already seen these, they're still cute.



remember my meloddy?
she was my favorite.
too bad she was rare.

more pez.
BIG pez.

sody pop.

hello kitty will do in my melody's stead.

care bears could work, too.

love how graphic these tins are.

more soda.
and some gelato behind.

dunno about these oral care products.

or these.
yes, it's bacon.
but i prefer a...fresher taste for my floss.

so that when the piƱata busts,
everyone doesn't have to fight over
the only edible thing in there.

peanut butter cups the size of a cupcake?
yes, please.

scharffen berger.
tater heaven.

winnie's favorite.

stuff i didn't know existed:

are these like old school m&m's?

the whopper strawberry milkshake, in this image.
they were delicious, by the way.
i LOVE malt balls.

still have NO idea what these are.

a wonderful little section at the register:

the end.

* once upon a time, in high school, i ate a TON of meat at a brazilian bbq restaurant courtesy of vasey's dad. i tried to sample as many of the different meats as possible, ate a bunch of food from the "salad/sides" buffet, then topped it all off with a passionfruit shake. as soon as the check came, i had to make a run for the bathroom where dinner came back up...whole. i felt totally and completely fine before and after, though. surprisingly, i have no aversion to gobs of meat or passionfruit after that.


  1. What a cool place. I am starving now!

  2. Better your point-and-shoot than your real camera. That's my plight. I think it's the sensor in the body now and not my old kit lens. I can't take any landscapes without several dots. Bah. :(

    I heart[ed] My Melody, too. I had some My Melody scissors. Her ears were the handles. They were cool.

  3. holy sugar overload, batman! and I totally loved sixlets - they aren't as hard as m&ms, or something like that.

  4. this place looks like heaven!

  5. I think I went into sugar shock just looking at all of that. But I still want one of those enormous peanut butter cups.

  6. wow. what a store! i think i'd need a cleanse after a trip through there!

  7. That place is AWESOME!!

    I love passionfruit, so I'm gonna have to try this new flavor. Yummy.

  8. We went into one while we were in Colorado - hell, the store SMELLS divine.

    Sixlets are (imo) way better than M&Ms.

  9. Thanks for the M&Ms, Tater! My husband knocked the tube down from the coffee table and spilled all the candies this evening . . . and he swept up the candies AND THE CONTAINER and threw them all away :( NOOOOOOO. I still can't believe this happened. I didn't even get a chance to take a picture :( Wah wah wah.

  10. The first time I walked into that place, I felt like I was 5 all over again.

  11. duuuuude. where is this? i must go.

    valomilks are the best thing on the face of the earth. i love them so.

    i was just reading about that bacon floss. you KNOW i want this.

    and i spy a bacon bar!

  12. I could make myself so sick in that place.

  13. my teef hurt from looking at the pix.


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