portraits, finally

i'm not allergic to her. miracle!
she actually recognizes me and lets me know she does.
not a cat person, but i can make an exception. once.

pronounced like the architect...

not the princess bride character.

although she's named after both.
her eyes match her favorite tissue paper.

inigo + freckles
rescued each other at a tough time in both their lives.
they've gone through a lot together. a lot.

monkey's fave.

my studio bestie.
let me crash at her awesome loft many a late night/early morning.
helped each other through school-related breakdowns.
no one else really understands.
gorgeous skin.
and freckles.
so friendly.
unlike anti-social me.
she helped me find the perfect shade of red for my lips.
[no, not the one she's wearing.
she layers a few reds to obtain her perfect red.
i'm feeling generous, so i'll share--
nars velvet matte lip pencil in cruella.
no, i haven't bought one for me yet. i just borrow hers once in awhile. ;) ]

guest speaker's fave.

instructor's fave.
crit: genuine, relaxed face. getting close to a good portrait.
if i had continued to work in that direction and focused on her face.

guest speaker's fave.

instructor's fave.

eeeeeverything here.


  1. She is just so gorgeous. And you made her so!

  2. Wow, she does have really nice skin. And she's so pretty! I like the variety of photos you have. Not just at an angle ;-)

  3. Cool portraits!

    If, of course, love the kitty ones. :) But Freckles is a really beautiful subject as well.

  4. wow, she's gorgeous.

    hey, can she help me find the perfect red, too? :)


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