summertime in the LBC

winnie's already posted her photos from our shooting excursion yesterday.

here are some of mine.

winnie in action.

poh-tay-toh, poh-tah-toh.
i can never get away from this color combo.

this huge used bookstore recently closed forever.
sad. some may not get to travel around the world.

we're definitely in the LBC.

les poissons, les poissons
how i love les poissons...

churrigueresque ornament tacked onto an otherwise plain box of a building.
NOT chigger-esque, as an instructor at school likes to call it.

we did take some portraits of each other as well.

hmm. i forgot i can move around the subject.
ah well.

summertime and its flexibility (in my case) are wonderful.


  1. I love how we have very different perspectives! Lack of hairdryer made me look like a hairball. Ouch.

  2. So cool to see the different shots you guys got!

    The question is...did you employ the positive portrait techniques our instructor taught us?

    I didn't. Several times, I said, "Blah! This looks terrible!" and then I'd show the awful picture to my brother.

  3. What a fun photo date! :) Very cool pics.

  4. nice shots, dude! looks like fun!

  5. Fabulous pictures!!! You've gotten so good.

  6. You guys are good! How fun to go together too!


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