at last

on the last day of photo class, i arrived a bit early with food in hand. more on that later.

i had read about and studied the building our class was in in another class (wtf kinda clause was that?), so i took some time to explore a bit. oh, and i brought my dSLR to class like the good nerd i am. however, i forgot to charge the battery. FAIL. so these are all off the iphone. it takes surprisingly good photos with lots of natural light.

the letterpress printing facility.

so many characters! [har har]

told you.
a lot.
i want.
not that i know how to use.
i learn.

pretty prints.
way back thurr.

love how the green on the glass
put a spot of green on the opposite wall.

then i went up top...


not much to see down there anyway.

random antennae-ed dog

scary plants.

same stuff [foiltec] used for the exterior of the beijing water cube.
inflatable! plastic! bubbly!

in this application, when the "pillow's" layers are inflated with air between them, the graphics allow sun into the studio spaces below. when the layers are deflated, the opaque parts of the graphic overlap, thus blocking light to the spaces below.

graphics by bruce mau.
i wish i designed books and such, too.

from inside.
yep, inflated and letting light in.

happy belated 4th!

should've framed it so you see more sky about flagpole.
oh well.

the end.

wait, i said i'd talk about food.

oh! so the food! the first week, we realized none of us had a chance to eat between work and class. there was a small snack cart that had decent sandwiches, but we decided we need to bring better dinner from then on. my momma always said, "if you're hungry, you can't think! you'll be dumb!" don't worry, mom, we listened.

week 2 lee's sandwiches - banh mi + vietnamese iced coffee
week 3 europane bakery - sandwiches (yay for my clutch sandwich filling/bread pairings...too bad i don't remember), macarons, lemon bar, lemonade
week 4 julienne [what real housewives of san marino do when they get bored] - sun-dried tomato pesto and basil pesto terrine, cheese-delivery system (crackers for the terrine), chicken tarragon salad sandwich, roasted leg of lamb with caramelized onions on pain rustique roll sandwich, cumin/cilantro/feta roasted carrots, and double chocolate espresso cookies from the gourmet market/to go area
week 5 whole foods + beard papa's - takeout sushi, blood orange sparkling wanna-be french lemonade (whole foods generic brand), eclair-style cream puffs. this time, amber brought enough puffs for the whole class, causing teacher to utter something x-rated. oh dear.
week 6
the hat - pastrami + roast beef sandwiches, orange bang, iced tea, too many fries
week 7 cook's tortas - bacalao torta, aguas frescas

high-brow, low-brow, lots of sandwiches up in there, delicious, and affordable dinners when shared three ways! our classmates and instructor were impressed with the range. but really, when did everyone else eat? class was from 7-10 PM! oh, and no photos despite all of us having our dSLRs on hand. what? we were famished!

last assignment to be posted soon. because i was bad and didn't do my homework for the next to the last assignment. so you just get the last assignment.


  1. I love our food recap! We seriously ate well during class. I think the europane week at least one of the sandwiches was chicken salad on cranberry nut bread - so good.

    And really, who knew cream puffs were an aphrodisiac?!

  2. Our instructor was kinda X-rated all around.

    "Pretty Lady"

  3. So jealousE of your dinners. I came here to see your portraits . . . what happened?

  4. i wish someone had told me that i'd be dumb if i was hungry. i was always starving in school.

    that explains a lot.


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