takin' it back

for various reasons lately, i've been feeling a bit insecurrr despite the fact that the concept of school seems so securrr. ha. anyway, no worries. i should snap out of it soon. overall, i'm pretty secure in who i am and know myself, good and bad parts, pretty well. or so i like to think. however, yes, circumstances can get me down. i may come off quite confident or even overconfident most of the time, but man i promise i'm so self-conscious--that's why you always see me with at least one of my watches [or actually, one of weemo's watches, i should say.]

alright, enough with the kanye lyrics. last night, i was cleaning out my old photos/cards/letters/misc. sentimental crap boxes and came across some baby photos that made me feel a little bit better about myself. to be 100% objective, i wasn't the cutest baby. i looked like a boy, i had crazy, crazy hair, hardly any nose, and small eyes. my saving grace? i was F-A-T FAT FAT FAT! the most comforting thing about these photos? seeing that some things, namely who i am, never change. yes, i age and grow, but who i am is who i am. and there's always room for even more growth and change, hopefully of the good variety. yeah, i don't know what i'm blabbering about, either. here's some photographic evidence.

some of my favorite things then AND now:
doesn't matter where.

silence/blocking out unnecessary noise.


even when i don't have teeth.

waiting to be fed.

eating some more.

since we're takin' it back, i thought i'd scan these before tossing 'em in the recycling bin. they were postcards from the local 7-eleven in korea that my brother and i would visit almost daily with our cousins back when we visited in around 1992, i think.
please don't ask me about their fashion and coiffure choices. i have no answers. i have no words, even, when looking at these. well, they did somehow revolutionze k-pop despite (because of?) those choices.

oh, and please please say my baby face is cuter than seo taiji's baby face. like i said, i wasn't that cute, but look at those cheeks! cheeks!!! after all, i am feeling insecure. boost my self-confidence, if you so desire. ;)


  1. I am completely in love with the headphones pic.

  2. I think this is my favorite post of yours ever! So. damn. cute.

  3. Oh, those Tater-tot cheeks! I want to bite them. So cute.

    Whoa. Seo Taiji. What a blast from the [embarrassing] past.

  4. whatchu talkin bout, willis? you were an adorable baby!

    and I feel your pain re: chipmunk cheeks, I had them, too. along with massive rolls.

  5. LOVE the baby pics! so cute!

  6. OMG, 10000% ditto the monkey. the headphones picture is THE BEST.

  7. It's so much better to start off chubby and then slim down. Unfortunately, I chose the opposite route. :-/

  8. what's more embarassing... having postcards of seo taiji scanned and posted on your blog? or admitting to have their hit song from 1993 in your itunes playlist. *cough*

    btw what is up with the "word verification" words? they're not words. yanchie? really?

  9. Eeeee I love the picture with the headphone!!! So cute. You were an adorable child! Love this post.

  10. Oh, I love all these pictures! I was a fat cheeked kid, too (and really, I still have plump cheeks) so I think they're adorable. :)


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