hi my name is...

...dapotato, and i'm addicted to compressed air. except, it's not even really air at all. it's a bunch of fun chemicals that are compressed into aerosol fun. and no, i don't sniff it. i'm addicted to using it for:

1. it's intended use/dusting stuff off. used in conjunction with a microfiber cloth poised to catch all the crap it displaces from underneath your keyboard keys and other crevices, it's so good at getting rid of dusts, crumbs, crap.

2. as an accelerant for hot glue gun glue. if you shake the can and turn it upside down (exactly as the back of it says NOT to do), it shoots out all the fun chemicals inside in liquid form. this vapory liquid then acts as an accelerant for hot glue gun glue. VERY handy when building foamcore or acrylic/plexiglass models on limited time so you don't have to sit there holding each piece waiting for the glue to dry/harden/cool. or i suppose it would make certain arts and crafts projects quicker, too, but i haven't personally tried. just beware--don't shoot yourself with the chemicals. it BURNS/FREEZES skin kinda like dry ice but milder. it also makes the glue a bit more brittle and prone to cracking when dry.


the moving saga continues. i'll hopefully have more time to blog again once we're better settled. hopefully i'll be back with better topics than compressed air, too. this bit-by-bit-because-we're-not-moving-far strategy isn't quite efficient but kind of had to happen because of the bear's weird work schedule lately due to a move they're doing of their servers. yep, he's dealing with two moves at once. poor guy.


  1. I have burned/frozen my hand many, MANY times over the years. And sometimes just for fun...

  2. I love compressed air, too. I use it to clean my Tory Burch shoes.

    We missed you tonight!

  3. i like to use mine and then press the cold canister against my hot, sweaty face.



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