we are si-am-ese if you ple-eease

photo class was interesting tonight. we learned that since our eyes aren't shaded, we usually see everything with a bit of glare. one way to cut this glare is by putting one hand over your eyes and the other under it to block light coming from those two directions at least.

or you could wear these:
[screenshot of their website]
[brought to you by why wednesday. WHY???]

yeah, i was a bit annoyed/disgusted/offended as a first reaction. it brought me back to the elementary school playground.

white kid: [making slanty eyes] ching chong chang
non-white, non-asian kid: are you chinese?
me: no
some other white kid: then are you japanese?
me: no
non-white, non-asian kid, again: then what ARE you?

if i were quicker with the wit and comebacks, i would have responded, "human." this answer is courtesy of the bear's friend who responded that to some girl that called in for him on desperate and dateless back in the day. but that's another story for another time. or never, as i don't think i'm at liberty to tell any of the rest of it. too bad that response came like 15 years too late and from a source other than my witless brain.

anyway, back to the slanties. i got over my offended-ness pretty quickly since the thought of seeing someone wear them in public and how i will laugh my butt off made me happier. good news is they should actually work as sunglasses by cutting down on glare per what i learned in class today. too bad slits/holes in paper/board/wood don't have UV protection, though, like real, modern-day sunglasses. there's more fun reading on others' takes on them in their press section.

oh yeah, i'm too tired to upload my photos from this past week's assignment. they were just aiite anyway. instead, here are a few i took while waiting for class last week. yep, rain in california in june.

our instructor said today, "now you're all photographers." i don't believe him. i'm just a dabbler who now knows the basics of how to shoot in manual and what a dSLR camera does to produce photos. that a photographer does not make.


  1. We should wear those in class next week.

  2. My realization of my ethnic/racial identity started with: "Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these!"

    It's the first time I realized I was different. It was also the first time I realized I had boobies.

  3. when i was little and growing up on the east coast, i thought i was white, because i didn't know there was anything else.

  4. Love the rain pics! Viva la all look same!

  5. I am so glad that I grew up with a bunch of other Chinese kids.

  6. Those glasses. :/

    Love the rain pictures. So pretty.


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