what i've been eating

pre-move: cooked old favorites. tried to eat at home mostly. no fun photos, sorry.

strawberry cupcakes. again. too lazy to frost them this time and wanted to keep them slightly healthier.

left them nekkid for the bear. made a simple lime glaze (powdered sugar + fresh lime juice + lime zest) for me. both versions were delish.

during-move (it's not quite post-move yet. still. i know.):
out. mostly fast food. so much for the eating healthy kick the bear and i were on.

i did meet up with my mom for lunch the other day at bottega louie. beautiful space. wonderful food. crappy, harried service with too many white-table-linen clad oh-so-busies running around making it seem chaotic rather than bustling like they seemed to want to make it seem. plus they made us wait 10 minutes when there were quite a few cleared, clean tables ready. really good food. really pretty pastries, market, and prepared foods area.

mom and i shared a few dishes family style.
clockwise from top left:
asparagus with sauteed egg
tagliatelle bolognese
burrata and grape tomoatoes

back to scrubbing cabinets for now. i'll come back with some photo homework since tomorrow is the last class.


  1. So sad that Louie is so harried and noisy. It really is a good place.

    I have no homework to show tomorrow. My model had a migraine and went home early. I had no other takers.


    More and more, I'm thinking I should've just skipped class tomorrow for my free blogger meal at Ludo Bites. Boo!

  2. Your opinion of Bottega Louie mirrors my own. But their macarons! So cute and delish.

    Can't wait to see pics of your new place.

  3. I am confused. Why is the place you moved into not already clean??

  4. Please come over and clean my place too. Thanks.

  5. god, i hate moving SO much. ugh!

  6. How are the cabinets? Any better? :(


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