so much for chillin 'out maxin'

relaxin' all cool.

so much going on, so it's bullets-with-no-photos style today.
  • right now, it's all about portfolio. BLEH. it's like i'm in school again. i am reinstating the 5-hour rule for the next week. what's that? for the last three or four weeks of school during prep for and finals weeks (yeah, we have two weeks of finals), red, freckles, and i said we had to get five hours of sleep per night (no more no less) and a shower in order to be somewhat functioning and still get everything done. yeah, even with that, i'm not sure i'll get it done by my personal deadline.

  • i'm totally back to my old procrastinating ways.

  • i got an interview for an internship that sounds right up my alley. which means...another portfolio. ugh. and a couple BUTS...unpaid full-time all summer, 30-mile commute each way. we'll see what i can negotiate. but yay for finding something in this economy.

  • fabulous weekend driving all over southern california:

    • dimsum with the bearents for mother's day. yay moms!
    • thai lunch with my mom for mother's day. yay moms!
    • dinner at the boat/clearman's galley. i don't recommend it. at all. ever. (don't listen to the crazy yelpers.)
    • birthday fun at e11even and the mooner's for the mooner.
    • bought a car. yum, new car smell.
    • thai dinner at the bearents after all the car-buying madness to finish the weekend off.

  • photo class starts tonight! yay!

  • great happy hour on monday. delicious + hilarious. happy hour specials family style made it quite a deal. love eating downtown when school's not in session. love the company and catching up, too.

  • total awkward crow moment in the bathroom at happy hour. saw my TA, talked to her about one of the faucets not working, recognized each other, totally acted like we didn't. by the time i was going to say something, it was already too awkward and late. i'm just socially awkward like that.

  • pondering nature vs. nurture. started an entry a long time ago but never finished. maybe i will soon. like, i've always loved to eat anything and everything. so many photos of me happily, messily munching away in my high chair. i'm totally a piggie by nature (OPP, yeah you know me!) but that's just one part of the pondering.

  • i still have issues waking up early like i want to. i hate when the morning's all done and gone, but i do love my sleep.

  • two fabulous weddings i want to go to this summer. however, one's in philly and one's in north jersey. boo to the grad student wallet. right now, it's saying, "no and no." stupid wallet.

  • lots of babies recently. aren't i too young for that?

  • vegas at the end of june! time to get my eat on. don't know why my family always goes in the summer. well, i'll be inside in uber artificial and contrived environments most of the time anyway.
i had way more bullets floating around in the mushy potatoes-for-brains, but it's time to go back to portfolio-ing. TTFN KIT OMG have a cool summer!


  1. (1) Bah to portfolio madness.
    (2) Sad to hear re Clearman's. Thought about going with LMN & Co.
    (3) Still laughing re TA moment.
    (4) See you tonight! :)

  2. 1. yay for new baby mobile.
    2. Too bad about Clearman's. The galley had great burgers. That is all.
    3. Yay for photog class.

  3. Hee, baby mobile. Have fun at the photography class! Take good notes for me, thanks.

  4. What new car? I want deets.

  5. I've been wanting to try clearman's! sad sad sad.

    wish i was in the class too. :( sad sad sad. damn this recession!

  6. i'm just glad you squeeze in blogging time despite the craziness.

    so jealousE re: photography class!

  7. Ditto Wan. Your life has been such a whirlwind. But hooray for the time you get to spend with fam and friends =)

  8. Love the new car!

    Yay for photo class!

    Babies are everywhere in my world, too. It's quite frightening really.


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