baby + mochi

last sunday started off with a drive down to practically mexico (OK, fine, south orange county) to shower kim before her baby arrives. i didn't take photos. good thing wan has a fine recap with photos here.

cbb accompanied me, and she had the fabulous idea to stop at mochilato while we were all the way down there. with some directions from claire, we made our way OK in the bear's old 'hood. mochilato serves gelato, mochi + other traditional japanese pastries, and mochi filled with gelato. mmm. oh, and coffee and such, too.

just a quickie recap as i've gotta run to work then to meet the bear for test driving cars tonight! oh yeah, here are some quick photos to keep you cool and drooling.

monaka is my fave.
especially with red bean AND mochi inside.

we tried mango (great), coconut (favorite), pistachio (fragrant),
peaches and cream (white peach flava!), creme brulee (too sweet but good),
peanut butter chocolate (more chocolate than peanut buttery :(),
and mint chocolate (very minty refreshing).
it was not enough for us piggies.


  1. OMG, these look way yummier than Mikawaya's in Lil Tokyo.

    I want to like my monitor.

  2. Bah. I should've gone with you guys. I was early to my BBQ -- the first one there. Lame!

  3. I am so going here when we go back to CA.

  4. OMG. Please please please take me there when I go back to LA.

  5. Thank you again for driving all the way down to Mexico!! It was great seeing you! ...and I'm totally going to this mochi place next time I'm in the area!

  6. oh MAN! considering the fact that the teen is finally coming around to realizing that mochi is wonderful, i wish i'd have known about this before we left. damn.

  7. OH. Too bad I don't go to Orange County...ever. This looks good.

  8. Marc *likes* the melon flavored bits I bought. I froze them and they are so yummy. I am still dreaming of that coconut one *drool* Thanks for driving co-pilot!

  9. They're so cute and colorful!


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