...listening to:
.XM radio. so good. so crack. so cannot get addicted as it will self cancel in less than 90 days.

.the manual for our new ride. i took some photos but am too lazy to upload right now. you'd be, too, if you had to crawl under the desk and inevitably hit your head on its underside in order to do it.
.the manual for my camera. photo class was good (made way fun by good company and even if we did get shushed by the instructor), but it'd be good to know exactly how to do the stuff he taught us on my camera.

.deleted a 20-page term paper off of three hard drives and a USB drive somehow. i need to put it in my portfolio, too. there's a hard copy filed in our library, so all is not completely lost, but MEH! cross your fingers that i can get my hands on an OCR scanner so I don't have to retype the thing.

.trader joe's guacamole with spicy pico de gallo. it's aiite guac topped with REALLY good actually spicy pico de gallo.
.trader joe's gorgonzola crackers topped with cream cheese.
.the bear. duh. didn't think he could get any cuter and awesomer, but he has been lately.
.being somewhat productive at home, although i can't seem to get anything really done until after dinner. night owl tendencies are back.


  1. I'd be surprised if the 3 of you DIDN'T get shushed. :) Wish I had a big-girl camera so I could play too. Can't wait to see how your shutterbug skills improve.

  2. Class would kinda be a drag without you two. Very very thankful that you're there!

  3. I think it's so nice that you still like your husband.

  4. I can't wait to see how you guys improve! I don't believe in paying for radio, no matter how good it is. Me = cheap

  5. The fact that three of you got shushed makes me giggle.

  6. Sucks re term paper! Yum re pico de gallo salsa!

  7. so, so, so jealous of your class! it already sounded cool, but with you three in it? ah, man.

  8. omg LOL at FGD. PS - GL on scanning the paper. How the heck did you delete it woman?!

  9. I'm so glad you guys are in class with me. :)


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