day of gluttony

the bear and i are trying to get back down to our ideal weights and more fit again. we're not super depriving ourselves, but we're trying to eat healthier, watching portions, and going to the gym regularly again (bah! the part i dislike the most). boring.

so yay for yesterday! it was definitely a splurge.

first, we took the bear's car to get a smog check. at 8 AM. on a saturday morning. then we caravan-ed it to the shop so we could drop it off for maintenance. luckily, to soften the early rising, donut man was on the way to the shop. we both saw the "fresh strawberry" sign and were tempted individually. when we got to the shop, it wasn't open yet. we stepped out of our cars and both immediately started talking about donut man. heh. so we backtracked in one car, stood in line (in the cold! wtf, may gray?!?), and shared a seasonal strawberry and a raised chocolate glazed (raised, NOT cake, blech, glazed, then chocolate-topped).

then we lounged, we napped, we lunched on thai noodles courtesy of the in-laws.

finally, to cap the gluttony off, it was off to e11even and the mooner's. e11even has a grip of pink's gift certficates, and she offered to take us out. free sausages? yes, please!

on the way, we saw this. totally awesome, dude.

the boys shared a millenium dog (12" jalapeno dog, guacamole, bacon, lettuce, & chopped tomatoes) and an america the beautiful dog (12" jalapeno dog, pastrami, bacon, lettuce, & chopped tomatoes). they each got an order of the crispy fries whose batter seems seasoned. e11even and i both got planet hollywood dogs (polish sausage, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, bacon & cheese, plus an option to add jalapenos). her polish sausage was mild, mine was spicy. hers had no jalapenos on it, mine did. we girls shared the nacho cheese chili fries. they were generous with the cheese and chili. yum. we each had orange crush in a bottle to top off the fatty mcpiggerson menu.

the afters:

we capped off the night with some smooth sake, fresh raspberries and strawberries, kitty-avoiding (or kitty-cuddling for most everyone else), and guitar hero: world tour at e11even and the mooner's.

have i mentioned how much i am enjoying my first summer vacation in years?


  1. Ooh, I want that strawberry thing.

    I've still never had Pink's. I can't bring myself to wait in line for it.

  2. I spy bacon. lots and lots of bacon!

  3. Holy crap. I had no idea Pink's looked so damn good. I thought it was just a naked hot dog. Now I get it.

  4. Between your post and Wan's I foresee taking a trip to Donut Man in the near future.

  5. OMG your Pink's plate is disgusting. HA.

  6. Ooooh yum. I haven't had Pink's in a long long time. I must get my hands on one of these strawberry goodies.

  7. I need one of those strawberry donughts - like now!

    Call me crazy, but I still think Pink's is overrated.

  8. it's seriously NOT good for me to live right down the street from donut man.


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