LOVE these typeface shirts.

i'm a helvetica or futura girl myself.
(of the choices given).

i used to be somewhat of an avant garde girl, but that phrase has some sticky connotations when you're mired in the world of architecture academia, so i am avoiding it for now.

[via swissmiss]

so in the photography world, it seems bokeh is, like, totally en vogue (neeeever gonna get it never gonna get it...) right now. but what do i know about the photography world? i'm just speaking from my expertise as an obsessive surfer of the internets and reader of blogs.

i first heard the term when my old studiomate hamster based the concept of one of her studio projects on hiroshi sugimoto's work and his (and the japaneses') concept of and love for bokeh. he has a series of architectural photographs that study monumentality (the ability of these famous works to maintain their recognizability).

ugh. so beautiful.
[from his online portfolio]

here are a few of my own attempts for last week's photo class homework assignment. granted, my lens isn't ideal for producing beautiful bokeh, but i tried.
shutter speed: 1.3
aperture: f22

shutter speed: 1/20
aperture: f3.5
[for both, i focued on that little bubble on the edge of the green votive]
handy for hiding the fugs background.

shutter speed: 1.6
aperture: f22

shutter speed: 1/30
aperture: f3.5
[notice the blurry text on the envelope
and in the "reception" part of the invite.]

oh, and here's a great blog post that explains well and shows what this funky term means.

lastly, the kobe and lebron puppets are so cute, er well-designed. i heart them more than their human counterparts.
watch them here.
dang widescreen embedded videos are too wide for my blog layout.


  1. I'm a Decker girl. Yay! I enjoy seeing your homework results. The colorful glasses are so pretty.

  2. Me loves the bokeh.

    Too bad I did a shit job on my homework when I do a good job most days with my food pics.

  3. Brent loves those puppet commercials. He gets giddy like a schoolgirl when he seems them.

    Great photos! I'm still working on my f-stop knowledge. So confusing!

  4. This is so over my only-use-auto head. But I like the pictures!

  5. i love the puppets too!

    dude, i'm SO regretting not being able to join you guys for the class. i really want to learn!

    the teen is an avant garde girl, too. i like century gothic, although that makes me look like a total biter.

  6. The f thing. I know nothing about it, I just know it has something to do with my camera.

  7. I didn't know you were taking a photography class. How cool! Where are you taking it?

  8. I love the puppets! I'm just bummed that Lebron didn't make it to the Finals. :(

    I should post some of my homework on the blog. So much better than the shower pics I just posted. :/


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