today a taco truck saved my life (life, life, life)

whatever happened to lucy pearl anyway?

last semester, the student union got a taco truck to come by every monday, wednesday, and friday from lunch through studio hours (we're in studio until 7 PM or beyond). there were seriously a few times during studio where i was about to have a nervous breakdown, faint from hunger from having worked all night, and the night before and the night before..., or just needed a walk to clear my head. the taco truck always provided a great destination and a slightly healthier alternative to the vending machines, not to mention much tastier.

i worked at my "campus" job today, and when i got out, i was delighted to see my old friend parked in its usual spot in the parking lot.

naked al pastor mulita on the left.
[mulita = like a quesadilla,
but meat + chese sandwiched between 2 corn tortillas.]
naked carne asada taco on the right.

i tried to trick myself into eating carrots,
since these are mushy and pickled and all.
didn't work.

my mexican cracka-cola

my dining companions.
yeah, random wood screws at attention
on the edge of the table. hm.

best of all, i am so glad that my fellow students from all over the world can experience what real california mexican food is. plus people that normally wouldn't eat from a truck do when it's at school. yay cheap, delicious eats!


  1. I wish we had one of these where I work. I might actually enjoy going into the office if we did.

  2. The Mexican coke should totally be your "something is about to happen" pic for class this week!

  3. Yummmm I'd go there everyday just for the coke.

  4. Yeah, what did happen to lucy pearl?

    I agree with the chick in class, the coke pic looks like an ad. <3

  5. there is NOTHING better than mexican coke. yay for real sugar!


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