procrasti-tater strikes

hi. just checking in during one of my regularly scheduled procrastination breaks. i have 6.5 out of 8 sections of the portfolio done. too bad that last full one is one of the heftier ones. will i be able to have it all done within the next 12 hours? hopefully.

anyway, while assembling the portfolio, i came across this silly photo.ok, so maybe it doesn't look that silly from there. but up close, you'll see i'm sporting my slanket.
the problem is the slanket is super long on shorty me. so it's all wrapped around me strangely so that i could walk and help assemble that thing (i was still able to use my hands although you can't see them here...yay slanket!) you used to be able to see from the plane when flying into LAX from SFO (we cut it down finally at the end of this semester). hey, it was cold that night, and we were working until about 1 AM.

i look like a druid! maybe not, as all i know about druids comes from this episode of ducktales (oo-oo! tales of daring-do, bad and good luck tales, oo-oo! D-d-d-danger, watch behind you--there's a stranger out to find you. what to do? just grab onto some duck tales, oo-oo! not pony tails or cotton tails but duck tales, oo-oo!). maybe i just look like a potato. literally.


  1. There is nothing shameful about wearing a Slanket in public.

    Weezer wore Snuggies on stage yesterday!

  2. Noooo. Don't wear a slanket in public :( However, with the brown slanket you totally look like a cute potato!

  3. You look like a cute tater in a tatersack.

    I don't think i could ever wear my slanket in public since it's so pink but yours is passable.

  4. Is there a big difference in quality between the slanket and the snuggie? I agree with Winnie. Your brown slanket totally highlights your tater cuteness.

  5. Slankets are the new UGGs.

  6. you look so young in that picture!

    brown slanket = perfect for tater.

  7. Such a cute potato in the slanket. <3


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