i want to get away, i just wanna fly awaaaaay ohhhh ohhhh

damnit. i lose. lenny kravitz is stuck in my head. at school, we play this game where you try to get songs stuck in other people's head. the subtler your methods, the better. for example, you subversively hum a ridiculously catchy tune while working at your desk. inevitably, someone near you will start whistling or singing it later. you win! whoever gets the song stuck in their head loses. i lose quite often.

anyway, yeah. i wanna get away.
2.5 weeks until my last project and archive cd of all my work this semester is due (yes, it's torture digging through your hard drives, compiling it, and making it organized enough so someone else can go through it).
2.25 weeks until a final exam. i think i might be exempt from taking it though, thank God.
2 weeks until final review for studio. i think they might bust out the big wigs on us (the starchitect-ish instructors).
1.5 weeks until another project is due.
1 week until all studio work except the final physical model is due so they can grade it and let us know if we can even present at the final review (yes, this is total b.s. as our instructors just don't want us to embarrass them in front of the big wigs).

it's going to be almost impossible to get it all done. we are all stressed. we all feel behind. such is the life i signed up for, i know.

i just want to crawl into a hole and sleep for a very, very long time. or go to new york and see old college friends. or go to san francisco and eat my way through it. or to eat and relax and drink in wine country up north. or go to mammoth with the bear and friends to shred ("shred," in my case). or to portland as i've never been and wanted to. or to greece. or to italy. or to paris. or to vegas to eat some more. or to madagascar. or to anywhere in the caribbean. or to thailand to meet the bear's relatives. or to korea to see mine. or to hong kong to shop and eat again. or to the pretty central coast as it's gotta be a little less frigid now. or to spain. or to london. or...anywhere but my studio. too bad i need to be in studio so i don't fail. too bad the student budget doesn't allow for exotic travel just in time to run away from the responsibilities.

despite the momentary suffering and sleeplessness, the student life rocks. yes, there are pros and cons to school vs. work, and for us, work is sometimes easier/slightly better hours (which is why i sometimes pine for it nowadays), but i am a lucky, blessed potato.

oh, and the bear, his support, and him saying all the right things over and over again every 5 seconds as that's how often i need to hear them without ever telling me to shut up is amazing. the love he's showing me these days via his actions make him even more attractive to me than ever. yum.


  1. It will be over soon!

    And then we will learn to use our cameras!

  2. the bear is super sweet. he's a keeper ;)

  3. Yay for the bear for keeping you sane. It's almost summer for you. Hang in there.

  4. I want to go somewhere fun too. Where oh where. Anyway, hang in there!

  5. I don't know how you do it ... hang in there!

  6. Ditto Weemo. It'll be over soon and before you know it, you'll have all this free time to do whatever you want.

    I'm not sure when I'll have another chance to go to SF but if I do, I'll bring you another dan tat.

  7. I'm excited for you to be done with school (for a bit anyways) so we can see you more. :)


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