good things

another list. two in one day! i know! this time, you might be able to relate better.
  • my D60 will be on its way soon! whee! i can soon learn to take pretty peeectures.
    thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou to the bear.
  • walked by the first year undergrads pinning up some beautiful hand-drafted drawings today. delicious. i wish the grad program did hand drafting still. as much as i love digital tools and am all for them/use them, hand drawings are still so yummy to me.
  • got lots of miscellaneous, personal stuff taken care of today. feels good, since i rarely do when school's in session.
  • fabulous social weekend this past weekend.
  1. korean bbq with the family (potatobro was in town).
  2. freckles' rooftop "pool" birthday party.
    view from the roof.
    we could see the hollywood sign and long beach.
    yep, amazingly clear day.

    studiomates relaxing by the [empty] pool.
    normally unheard of during the semester.
  3. baby shower for cee.
  • pinata awesomeness on olympic + central-ish.

  • "love your projects, and they will love you back." i'm starting to like my studio project a bit. finally.
  • 3.5 weeks left of this school year! whee!!! eek! so much to do!


  1. I love this post, particularly the first bullet.


  2. YAY for the Bear!!! I can't tell you how much I miss good Korean BBQ. Judging by your first two pictures . . . maybe someone should clean their camera? :)

  3. 3.5 weeks is going to fly by! and then you can spend the summer using your fab new camera. ;)

  4. yay for a new camera! i'm excited to learn how to use mine alongside you gals. :)

  5. it was so, so, so fun to see you.

    and YAY for the camera!

    my word verification is "tires." how odd.

  6. Rooftop pool party and empty pool looks super fun! Yay for a new camera!!


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