i just caught up on my google reader. i think i only commented on food. and said amazingly witty things like "yum" and "ooh" over and over again.

i don't remember how i got home earlier tonight. and yes, i drove myself. so bad. all i remember is a blur of a week and weekend. the highlights were eating northern thai food with the bear clan (SO good...i think i like it better than the more usual thai fare). no photos. too tired. too busy eating with my hands. mmm...sticky rice. SO flavorful that you don't even notice how spicy it is until, well, later. easter at the bear-rents' church with old bear friends. then a long all-nighter including waiting for a [small] rendering that took my newish, fast machine 11 hours. thank goodness for my hand-me-down laptop that allowed me to work while compy thought hard all night long.

oh good news. i am not failing studio this semester despite the fact that i didn't complete all of the deliverables for today. they randomly called people downstairs (our studio is on a cozy mezzanine) to give them a stern talking-to. it was rather ridiculous and douchey...the way they did it.

sometime during the week, i realized how deleuzian amelie is. freakin' deleuze. must read more of his shtuff sometime within the next two weeks for a final project. went to a lecture by the vising manuel delanda, which illuminated it a little better, but anyone care to school me in deleuze? i don't know if i buy his ideas, but contemporary architecture culture loves him.

i took a nap when i got home. the bear had a very difficult time waking me up. he had to move my legs around like i was walking to get me up. yeeh. for the first 30 mins or so i was up, i could only utter one word at a time.

not as delirious as rockstar mishmish was, though. see?
in true rockstar fashion, she a played a show last night--the night before a big studio review. check out the boots only she can rock. and her hot trashbag blankie. and yes, people somewhat regularly nap under their desks like this. the floor's quite dirty, but luckily we have sheets of wood, chipboard, cardboard, etc. lying around that are perfect ground cover.

real final #1 on thursday.

the d60 is here. i have not had a chance to play with it. the bear has and loves it. whee!


  1. Eeee! I take it you at least have a kit lens?

    I'm so lucky I write about food, so I got comments. :)

  2. Poor delirious tater. It'll be summer for you very soon. Yay for camera! Yay yay yay!

  3. Dude, she's sleeping under her desk?! That is so sad.

  4. i always feel lucky when i get a comment from you, knowing how crazy your life is :)

    i guess now i know what the trick is!

  5. Poor miz potato girl! PS yay on the d60 and ooh on those boots. ;)


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