etsy wetsy

my take on it:
1. everyone and their mom has a shop. whether they make good stuff or not. yawn.
2. there is some good stuff on it. it's just impossible to find.
3. 'twas good for when i was scouring the internets for wedding deals 24/7. haven't touched it much since.

a friend recently linked me to her [as of yet still pretty empty, not-yet-officially-launched...get on it already, you-know-who-you-are!] shop. tonight, i was drunk clicking through (who knew chardonnay kept for 2 years would, like, triple its alcohol content), and found some fab stuff.

now i don't usually post fashion-y stuff as my own personal fashion sense is meh, and there are plenty o' better, more authoritative voices out there on this. wait, let me revise that. my fashion sense is aiite. not quite as pretty, chic, daring, hip, or whatever as most at school, but it's fine. i can appreciate good fashion and even put together a decent outfit, given the proper means. but...my cheapness doesn't like to spend money on clothes, especially now that i'm almost income-less. even when i had real income, i hated spending money on clothes. it's so bad that my at-home clothes are all hole-y. thank goodness the bear actually kind of likes the homeless look. alright, enough talking. eye candy.

peachy keen is right.

i love anything lemony.
even if it's UCLA colors. meh.

very pretty in oh-so-barely pink.

perfect for an outdoor, summer wedding.
too bad that's already come and gone for me.

but this could work for a non-wedding-y party.
or a more casual wedding.
(only if you're the bride.)

ugh. you all know how much i love this color.

once upon a time, i violently resisted anything and everything girly, ruffled, and pink. because my mom is all about that. AND the chintz. oh, the chintz. all over my bedroom walls for years. ugh. the girly is growing on me, though. oh, and i've always had a weakness for sheer, fluttery fabrics regardless. luckily, these are out of my price range.

i've been looking for a fun cocktail ring to rock at...um, studio? and on the weekends. or something.
minimalist me hearts this.

i've been wanting to get bolder with my jewelry.
i'm always afraid it'll overwhelm my petite frame.
but i'm learning even mini usses can rock it.

on a chain that reminds me of swap meets.

holier than thou.
not sure i could wear this, though.
even if the proceeds go to a good cause.
and because, um, well,
i can get one like this made
in venice beach.

i've been looking for hoops forever.
still haven't bitten the bullet.

so delicate and pretty.
and perfect for a certain someone i'm thinking of.

some yummy, hole-y porcelain. this was precisely the kind of stuff i used to always look for when accessorizing clients places.

have i ever mentioned my penchant
for things that are plain-ish on the outside
but punchy on the inside?

i started out blogging about food and the not-so-stay-at-home stay-at-home life. oops. later.


  1. Oooooh I love the last dress and the crystal necklace. Very pretty. Too bad I can't afford them.

  2. I love Etsy. I hate the fact that opening an Etsy shop is the thing to do now.

  3. yeah, you know it - i have an empty etsy shop, too. i just haven't had the time/patience/motivation to do anything with it.

    i love the dresses! too bad i barfed when i saw the prices. i'm a cheap ass these days.

  4. LOVE the silver ring and the cool ball necklace below it.

  5. You truly are a designer Potato. I love that silver ring, btw. And the dresses.


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