this past semester

here it is, in review.

i started by helping mold a mixture of concrete + styrofoam. i got to work a concrete mixer and a forklift. whee!

freckles patting it down.

me + dee loading the concrete mixer.

concrete + styrofoam poo pellets.

some of the finished product, abstracted.

the commute. i'm a safe driver. kind of.

much better than "WTF BBQ."

best phone number.

oh yum, brie.
i'm assuming they're talking about cheese.

LA Live continues to rise.

despite the lack of time, i found myself waiting quite a bit.

waited for reviews to finish
while looking at nightfall
through these windows quite a bit.

i wanted to punch this chick in the grin.
the dentist is not my friend.

i waited at many a drive thru.
this one at least had new, yummy temptations.
that i gave into.

for acrylic to be cut to size.
multiple times.
stared at this while waiting.

while others slept.
starring: the canadian-something guy (the grinning one)
and fuzzface (the sleeping one)


a leica M8.

cute graffiti.

rockstar mishmish's high-bird model.
(we were supposed to build hybrid models. oops.)

sam nazarian's empire. kind of.
phillipe starck was supposed to show up with him.
didn't happen. would have been way more interesting.

a bracelet designed by the baby.
(it's a 1/2" thick piece of foamcore. creative, no?)
so much so that i presented my work while wearing it.

the best labradoodle. ever.

took some time away from school here and there. girl's gotta keep sane.

to eat melted birthday cake at a surprise party.
there was a taco guy there with more deliciousness.

to watch rockstar mishmish, well, rock out.

and DJ gramps on the 1s and 2s.

to watch the bear make a wall of fame.

or not. maybe next time?
maybe not. 'twas painful even watching him.

orochon means bravery, after all, per the menu.

thank goodness for beer.

and my bowl, which was very tasty.
although i prefer thicker noodles.

made some new friends.

blog friends, laser cutter.
laser cutter, blog friends.
i LOVE this thing.

a vietnamese catfish.

and the 7 courses of fish AND
8 courses of beef that preceded him.

and the 4 sauces (i was partial to the tamarind fish sauce).

the wrappers.

and...some engrish to finish this post off right. click to see full size/read.


  1. Mr. Monkey just commented, "Betcha his ass hurt."

    That was for Orochon, if it wasn't clear.

  2. Hello, Laser Cutter. Wow, I feel like a nap after all those activities :) Yay to see the Bear making an appearance. Eh, maybe you shouldn't take pictures WHILE driving. Cool foam bracelet. And P.S. dogs should talk with their own feet, not be carried by the human :-P

  3. You were quite the busy tater. So glad you can enjoy some down time now. And that "Sala Lee" kills me. It reminds me of a girl I knew named "Gina", but her parents spelled it "Zina." GAWD.

  4. 1. LMAO @ Sala Lee Bread
    2. I was just at Orochon 2 days in a row this wkend. I saw the dude from Man vs. Food on the wall. I guess he was there recently.
    3. I want that laser cutter.
    4. I want that Labradoodle. It's a giant flufflier version of T&Y
    5. Cool foam bracelet. Where can I get one?

  5. out of all that, "punch this chick in the grin" is my absolute favorite.

  6. That labradoodle pic is freaking hilarious.

  7. I got tired reading this post, your life seems like it's been such a whirlwind. You sound happy though, no? And the Sala Lee made me LOL.


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