school's done, but i'm still busy. mostly from shuttling between the miscellaneous part-time jobs and sitting at my desk at home attempting to work on my portfolios (yes, plural--job and school, they must be approached differently and shouldn't be the same...meh). here's my first week "off."

worked at the school job.
continued to clean out my studio space.
built the below for the bear in the woodshop.
did not cook, clean, or do anything else housewifely.

the bear "tagged" 'em.
don't ask about the pink shirt guy.

in action.

picked up the snowboard waxing stand thingys from the woodshop, as i had to clamp them overnight.
did target, home depot, etc. errands + shopping.
finished cleaning out the studio.
piled studio stuff up in a corner of the potatobear lair.
glared at the pile of stuff cluttering up the lair. i hate clutter.
cooked an easy dinner. i can never have enough mapo tofu.
the bear made a thai dessert.
did some work for the old boss from home.

we like it extra spicy.

that's frozen roti. yum.

no worries. we did not thraw [sic] before cooking.

pale, uninteresting dough

to fluffy, golden, flakey goodness.

bear can flip stuff in a pan.
klutzy me cannot.

swirl o' condensed milk goodness.
(you can always put more on).



so unflattering.
so delicious.
ran errands or something.
sent out a couple resumes.
started thinking about the portfolio. meh.
grocery shopped. again. apparently, i've been deprived. for months.
did not nap.
cooked a DEElicious dinner. finally. because the bear's been having a busy, tough time at work this week.

the makings of chimichurri

roasted asparagus

oh, red meat!

oh, fond!

spaghetti tossed in chimichurri.
toopped with asparagus.
and tender, medium rare steak.

trader joe's "super sweet strawberries"
that are quite fragrant and...sweet.
eee! mini colander!

worked at school job.
no time for nap.
did more work for old boss from empty, dark studio. yay for laptop.
steve buschemi (not really)'s birthday party at ziggy's house.

i made a chocolate croissant bread pudding for the birthday boy.
he already had two cakes, though.
one of which was sweet lady jane's amazing
triple berry shortcake.

SB(NR)'s fiancee is an artist/photographer.
her friend brought an old polaroid camera.
hammy antics enused.

random family portrait on the mantle
and too risque photo blurred.
my fave is the canadian-something's passport photos.

poor ziggy didn't know what to do with himself.
but was just as chill as ever.

went to optometrist.
got my brows did. finally. buuuushy.
got car washed.
thought about portfolio a little bit more.
thought about taking out trash.
trying (still) to wrap up work for old boss.

next week, i really need to stay at home and buckle down on the whole portfolio thing (we have to submit a portfolio in 3 weeks of all our work thus far in order to continue on in the program) and internship search thing. but for now, i think i'll take a nap. just a quick one. after all, those eyeball numbing drops they put in at the optometrist are making my eyelids so, so heavy.


  1. I cannot wait to try out the croissant bread pudding recipe.

  2. You do faaaaar more than I do in a week. Or in the past three months combined.

  3. I'm having flashbacks of my Lady of Leisure Days from late 2007!

  4. wow. i'm impressed by all you accomplish in a week.

  5. i love the drippy tater picture.

    i wish we could love tofu just as much.

  6. How do you find the energy? The food looks delish.

  7. Love the picture of you eating the roti. :)


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