• i love food. tastespotting makes me want to kuidaore.
  • tax crap is all done and gathered. finally. now just to go mail it to my CPA as i am not driving to the westside to hand deliver it.
  • i slept for 14 hours last night and feel super guilty. i really need to stop with the guilt trips.
  • i have a big deadline for studio on wednesday. meh.
  • my social calendar for next weekend is super full for a weekend during school. hopefully i don't have too much schoolwork to do. eeks.
  • want to make yourself a homebody? go to architecture school. it makes any time spent at home so, so sweet, and any time you're not at home (most of the time...while in studio), you crave home. i just can't get outta the house this morning, either, despite the loads of work i must do.
and...beefy again. to start your saturday off right.


  1. Wow! TasteSpotting is the ultimate food porn!

    I love Beefy so much. Did I ever tell you about the bulldog puppy we saw walking in front of our building? It was the cutest thing ever. Its name was Jelly!

  2. There's never a reason to feel guilty over precious sleep. Clearly your mind and body has been in need of some rest!

  3. I want beefy!

    don't feel guilty about the sleep, isn't that normally how much you get in a week? I think your body is telling you something. ;(

  4. beefy is super adorable!

    oh, hell - i forgot all about taxes. i guess i better get a move on.

  5. Don't you ever feel guilty about sleeping! I gotta do my taxes too. Actually, I'm not sure what we've done so far :P


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