just got back to my desk after my final midterm. yay. per my midterms, it turns out i am good at test-taking and drawing shtuff in the computer, but not so good at making architecture. yet. f.

eee! santa bear heard my birthday request, and july is coming super early this year! eee! now i can stop producing crap like this:
and this:

never mind the crappy quality of the models themselves. they are process models, after all. plus i'm almost as bad at cutting foam as i am at photographing it.

new blog colors inspired by walking by this today:
no, not the blah cars. the door back therre. it used to all be this glorious aqua. then there was graffiti. then there was an ugly square of forest green paint over just the graffiti. then i guess there was more graffiti. then there was this lovely gray. the aqua + gray = yum.

this little guy also made my day:
he did that for most of the time i was at work. he also sat in my lap for a bit. cute. and humped my arm. not so cute. why are dachshunds so weirdly cute?


  1. So weird -- I was talking about dachshunds today, too! I agree!

  2. Our bedroom is aqua and gray. I love it!

    Don't worry about the bad midterms. You will get better. If you knew how to do it, you wouldn't be in school.

  3. Hurray for getting a new camera! Extra points for the Bear :) We can go on photoshoots (someday) together!

  4. i looove dachshunds and have a miniature long-haired named ruby. ;-) they are the best!

  5. congrats on being done with your midterms!!

  6. i'm confused. what is the bear getting you for your birthday?

    yay for midterms being over!

    love the aqua and gray.

  7. i like the new color scheme! very soothing.

  8. I was about to say how adorable the doxie was, until I read that he humped your arm. Ewww.


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