me want. yum, letterpress.

i need these for my studio. plus, who doesn't like postcards? especially when oversized.

[cue telepopmusik. breathe.]

[this also helps me relax.]

deeelicious typography. and the subject matter is Modernism [although i finally realized in theory+culture class that i'm not exactly a Modernist (more of a Phenomenologist, actually, but not quite that, either) and wouldn't want to be labeled one, but whatevs for purposes of this blog]. ahh. too bad our walls are impossible to hang any.thing from.

you know me and this color scheme are like this.

via my friend red. learn about them here. buy their stuff here.

i sometimes imagine my brain might look [and read] like this. except less well laid out.
i just can't seem to get anything school-related done today. oh, speaking of Modernism, i did read an essay that featured the only nude photo of le corbusier published. blech. not that i really understood the exact point of the rather venomous author. otherwise, i did some dishes, worked on getting my tax stuff together, and ate a lot. so luxurious. sad that all that is a luxury.

i think i want a dSLR and an intro photography class for my birthday. the summer is probably a good time for me to take it, too. too bad there is no one to give it to me. maybe a paid internship could pay for it. oh yeah, anyone hiring? ha! i know. well, the resume got updated this past week anyway. one can hope.

the bear's in utah boarding with some boys. as much as i enjoy having the bed to myself, i miss him. i think it's time to give up on studio and go home. to try to be productive there.


  1. If you ever take an intro photography class, let me know. I'll take it, too, if it's at night!

    Good to "see" you. Ish.

  2. Oooh let me know if you take this photography class. If I'm in town, I'll take it with you too :)

  3. i like the poster that resembles your jumbled brain. i feel like that a lot, too.

  4. hey you! how are you? :) thanks for the advice. yeah... we're not sure if we need to cut our last limb off to get lighting. that's what it feels like these days! i just feel like i don't want the beautiful flowers etc to get lost... but then... all this for a few great pics of the decor? is it worth it? no one will notice... sigh. i'm not sure if anyone notices letterpress either sometimes :p. i spent a fortune on it! :0

  5. i major heart letterpress.

  6. oh, how i love letterpress.


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