cute architecture?

does being fuzzy wuzzy make it cute?
kind of...that was my initial reaction upon looking it up when a certain instructor emphasized its cuteness during lecture. but then again maybe not. it's a smog collector, after all. read more about the project here [for you lazy non-linkers, it's a museum whose frame is electromagnetcially charged to attract smog particles that is actually going to get built in bangkok]. plus the firm's name is R&Sie ("air et sie"-->heresy...get it? hee hee hee honh honh honh...those witty french). good layman's overview of francois roche and his work here.

school is frustrating me. i seesaw between being so grateful to be studying what i am and where i am with the support of the bear and my family and to be in grad school period considering how much of the world's population actually gets to go to grad school AND on the WAY other hand regretting my choice of school/questioning it all/questioning my ability/wanting to kick some instructors in the shins. i've been in this perpetually slow, blocked state all semester with ever-slowing productivity levels. last semester wasn't so hot, either, in terms of blockage, but at least i worked all.the.time and pumped stuff out (even if the quality wasn't all that great). this semester, i find myself procrastinating a lot. like tonight, i really need to resolve my studio project. instead, i spent all night updating my resume (for the career "fair" on friday...pickin's are slim this year, folks) and thinking about/gathering for my portfolio (not actually executing, mind you). and now, i think i will give up and go to bed soon. i haven't even finished gathering yet. i suck.

red used to keep puppy cam or kitten cam up on one of her monitors while working in studio to keep her happy. i secretly scoffed. i now keep sane by keeping the following image minimized and maximizing when needed. it works. when this is looking at you, how can you be angry, frustrated, or stressed? well, for that moment anyway.

rob dyrdek's puppy beefy.

/late night rant


  1. I feel very similarly about my own graduate program at times. I feel very grateful for my education, but it is also a huge source of frustration for me.

    Love the dog pic.

  2. I want that dog.

    hang in there - it will be worth it in the end!

  3. thinking good thoughts for you.
    summer will be a bit of downtime though, right?

  4. Puppies make everything better.

    Unleash your latent awesomeness, Tater! Rawwwr!

  5. it's so nice to see blog posts (and comments!) from you. i hope you're hanging in there, my friend. we're pulling for you.

  6. Hmm. The fuzzy-wuzzy is not cute to me. It looks....dirty.

    Beefy is certainly cute, though.

  7. Hang in there -- eventally it will all be worth it. In the meantime, that doggie pic is certainly a good distraction.

  8. Hang in there. You can do it! Please refer to your pre-school blog post about why you wanna do it as motivation :)


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