oh dear

just woke up, on the couch, and with the TV asking me to turn it off. i guess that's what happens when a DVR'ed show finishes, and you don't push a button for 12 hours. last night, sometime shortly after 9:30, i fell asleep while watching top chef, finale part i. i fell asleep RIGHT before they announced who would be going home. then i woke up all sore. now that i'm all caught up on top chef and disappointed in the season as a whole, i'm considering going to bed in my bed for a nap.

studio midterm is over. my crit was short and blah thanks to being in the last pair to present. they basically said my projet is boring, which i already knew. i decided to go to this school partly because i need to be pushed beyond my usual boring, and the schools is known for producing somewhat avant-garde, visually appealing things. however, it's not happening yet. i don't know if it's me and i just don't have the ability to not be boring/ugly, if they're not pushing me or they are just without enough direction, or if it's just too early and my lack of skill is keeping me from producing better, less borin things. i'm always told my concepts are thoughtful and good, but that the end product doesn't look that good and/or fully embody and bring to life those ideas. so i can bullshit well...yay. i'm thinking the problem is a combination of the last two things i listed, but there's always the fear that it's the first. certain people just have a certain aesthetic and vocabulary that they never manage to break out of. that might just be me. if that's the case, i'll be contributing rather yucky-looking spaces to the world soon. yay. at least i rock at being a dork and can hopefully produce good things and do well on the other midterm assignments and tests coming up (?). it's funny how our studio is filled with a lot of personalities who are quite secure in themselves but how insecure and unsure of our work we can be. well, we don't know enough yet to be effectively self-critical and know if certain moves and things we're producing are valid or not in order to edit during the never-ending proces.

i have a lot of entries i started over the first half of this semster that are more interesting, but for now, this.

one last thing--why is this puresleep commercial so freakin' loud?


  1. Tater is alive! Maybe you're just having a "designer's block" and need motivation / inspiration and pocky to get you going. Good luck with the rest of your projects and tests :)

  2. I'm effing livid at Top Chef. I just watched the finale today.

    I blame a certain sous chef for my anger.

  3. it's because they're trying to prove that without "puresleep," you're not getting a good night's rest.


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