a little bit of grace

no, not the restaurant. that'd be even more fab. i just marked all as read in my google reader . if you got some comments, count yourself lucky that i read before deciding to show myself some grace.

overall life is good, but i am not. it's funny how much lack of sleep colors your view on life. i want to do a photo recap of the past half semester to make myself remember the good things, but i can't find my dang usb cable. drat. yes, i said, "drat."

hopefully some rest this weekend will cure the sickness of body and mind. sorry to return with [a] downer post[s], but that's what's going on with me right now.


  1. I consider myself lucky any time you stop by. :)

  2. Insomnia sucks. Get some rest. (Please.) :)

  3. Aww Tater. Take care of yourself and I hope you got the rest that you needed this weekend.

  4. i miss you so much, dear tater.

  5. i'm glad you cut yourself some slack. hope you're finding time for sleep here and there during midterms.


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