yes, i need help scratching my butt, too

poll time:

dapotato has a random hour or so at home. she has already caught up on work email, talked on the phone to people she is carpooling with, and eaten a burrito. should she:
a. sleep? she only slept 3 hours last night/this morning.
b. catch up on bills and personal fun shtuff like that? it probably won't get done this weekend, either, but it needs to happen soon.
c. bake these and use her hello kitty cookie cutters, to distribute to her class? she has all the ingredients on hand.
d. put away laundry?
e. catch up on readings and homework for classes?
f. catch up on her blog reading?
g. catch up on her blogging?
h. eat some more?
i. sleep? she doesn't know if she can stay awake through her field trip today.

and yes, i am also irritated that i am speaking in third person. wth. good night.


  1. My vote is do C and then send some over to me!

  2. Sleep trumps all.

    I miss our under the desk naps.

  3. definitely a... and then the red velvet cookie sandwiches ;-)

  4. I'm so torn. Sleep and cookies are two of my favorite things in the world.

  5. J. Go on gchat and chat with me.

    -- selfish friend

  6. You better update us on your decision. Some of us are waiting on pins and needles.

  7. i'd have forced myself to do b and d. and then a bit of h.

  8. I would have voted for sleep too.

  9. I'm late for this one...but sleep is always a good call.

  10. i'm obviously way late on the poll. just wanted to say hi!


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